Residencies that accept ADN in Georgia

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    Does anyone know if Emory or anyone else for that matter accepts new graduates with associate degrees? I've also checked into Piedmont, Regional, DeKalb Medical & CitySide Healthcare. I really want to get into a residency versus getting hired straight on, but I don't know what the odds are if I get an ADN. Someone please give me any information or advice you may have. I'm also wondering would it be easy to just get a regular job as an RN or will it be extremely hard here in Georgia. All comments appreciated!

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    If you find any, please post. I just graduated with my ADN and I also live in Atl.. its very hard when everyone states BSN only apply.
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    prettymica That is exactly what I'm talking about. I have been planning ahead so I was looking at the requirements for most places and they "prefer" or require BSN. Congrats for finishing school! With my own research I found a couple places that will accept ADN, I don't know if you'd be willing to move or anything. Here is what I found:

    1. Peachford Peachford Hospital - they say new grads are encouraged to apply & requirements for RN position is ADN
    2. Phobe Putney SW Georgia Family Medicine Residency - there is a link on the bottom right that says "how to apply" just click that
    3. DeKalb Medical Explore Available Nurse Residencies at DeKalb Medical | DeKalb Medical - must graduate an accredited school and sign 24 month contract.
    4. Piedmont Hospital Piedmont Healthcare | Nurses Residency Program - they say BSN preferred but there are people on here that got hired on with ADN.
    5. Gwinnett Medical Center Nurse Residency Program | Careers at Gwinnett Medical Center - they also accept ADN.

    I really hope this helps! I'm hoping some other people with an ADN actually respond to give us some insight!
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    Emory hospital doesn't accept ADN, not for the hospital. Loophole is this-Get hired at their LTAC facility. After 6 months, you are eligible for internal transfer within the Emory group, and BSN requirement does not apply for internal transfer. Good luck!
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    uRNmyway... Thanks so much for the advice, I will definitely be checking into that!
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    Piedmont definitely takes ADN. I have an ASN which is the same thing and I got hired on.
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    northside also takes ASN. I had an offer there too
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    Dekalb definitely takes ADNs in the residency program. There were a handful of GPC folks. Another cycle of the residency program is coming up in July I believe.
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    OMG!! Thank you ladies! I knew there was hope for us lol. I was so nervous about not having a bachelors yet, but I'm definitely going to check out all three places. Please let me know some of yall experiences there.
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    Quote from shicurls
    Dekalb definitely takes ADNs in the residency program. There were a handful of GPC folks. Another cycle of the residency program is coming up in July I believe.
    Are they a good place to work? They are actually one of the places I wouldn't mind going.

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