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  1. Hi all. I was wondering if anyone could give me some inside between the two hospitals Little Company of Mary in Torrance and Torrance Memorial. What is the difference between required shifts, weekend shifts and holiday shifts at these two hospitals as PRN. Also what are the required weekend shifts and holiday shifts for full time employees? Do Med-Surg staff participate directly in codes or does a predetermined staff do so? In my previous hospital, a hospitalist would act as team leader, an IV team member would act with the meds, respiratory therapist ambu bag, ect. Thanks all!
  2. pcawiz

    Bombed Anatomy 1

    You can do it if that's what you want. I bombed ANP twice and passed on the 3rd try. Never failed another class again and never had much of a hard time in nursing school once I was in. IMO it was the institution that made the course exceedingly difficult to weed out applicants. I did however take the 3rd attempt at another school... Whether or not it is an option to go to another school is really your decision as a backup plan
  3. pcawiz

    Residencies that accept ADN in Georgia

    northside is good, but the dollar per hour pay wasn't as good as piedmont. the retirement plan though is better at northside.
  4. pcawiz

    Residencies that accept ADN in Georgia

    northside also takes ASN. I had an offer there too
  5. pcawiz

    Residencies that accept ADN in Georgia

    Piedmont definitely takes ADN. I have an ASN which is the same thing and I got hired on.
  6. pcawiz

    Where to buy scrubs in Atlanta?

    I got mine at a scrub store a little north off cobb parkway in a shopping center. It's not far from 285 and is practically across the street from Best Buy.
  7. pcawiz

    Working/worked at Piedmont Atlanta?

    The drug calc is easy if you can follow a given formula for insulin sliding scale dosages. A guy that was recently hired on my floor said the tests weren't bad and they give you a retry on the math one if you don't pass the first time, but you have to wait a certain amount of time before retaking.
  8. pcawiz

    LPN jobs at Hospitals in GA

    Piedmont does. We have 1 on our floor that works weekends only and there is another one that works in the water's pavillion.
  9. pcawiz

    Fall Piedmont Hospital Nurse Residency

    bsn is not required. just make sure you're "safe" and you don't need to worry so much
  10. pcawiz

    Fall Piedmont Hospital Nurse Residency

    yes you get a first, second and third pick
  11. pcawiz

    LPN'S in GA

    If you will work part time on weekends Piedmont is hiring on the ortho floor
  12. pcawiz

    Applied for tons of jobs but no call backs (Georgia)

    You can try for PRN, wellstar cobb, LTAC, SNF, or grady.
  13. pcawiz

    Piedmont Cardiovascular Residency

    I have an ASN and I went through the residency at piedmont. I'm currently still employed by them and my clinical manager is also an ASN grad.
  14. pcawiz

    What should every orthopaedic nurse know?

    With ALIFs ice chips the whole first day because you don't want to risk a paralytic ileus with little to no bowel sounds. At temps of 99 I reinforce IBE use before giving them tylenol
  15. pcawiz

    Piedmont Cardiovascular Residency

    I heard from a guy that finished his residency that he did 2 12's on the floor, an 8 on the floor and 1 day of classroom per week for 12 or 13 weeks. Hope that helps...
  16. pcawiz

    Endorsing CA RN license to Georgia

    I forgot, that turn around was with live scan instead of the old ink print way