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I am a recent BSN graduate from Athens, GA. I have passed my NCLEX and am desperately seeking an RN position. I have applied to: Athens Regional Medical Center, St. Mary's Healthcare System,... Read More

    Good luck Sydney.... if trying Florida, your best bet is in the north part of Florida.
  2. by   emilytoc
    I was in the same boat you're in until a couple of weeks ago. I graduated from The University of Michigan with my BSN and moved back to Atlanta in May. After I had two interviews that didn't work out, I was about to lose hope when I was able to get in touch with a manager who just happened to have two new grad positions open up. I got the job because I was recommended by staff members and proactive enough to e-mail her and interview with her at the right time. If you know ANYONE working in hospitals, see if they can pass along a manager's name and e-mail address to you! I can't believe I have a job, I thought I was going to be searching for a looooong time. Good luck!
  3. by   Marshall1
    Have you tried Eastside Medical in Snellville or Clearview (Walton Co). There is also Northridge in Commerce. I know Eastside hires new grads.

    As far as Florida..having come from there my only advice is have your Fl. license before applying to any positions there - otherwise you will not even be considered most places.

    Also, USAJOBS - The Federal Government’s Official Jobs Site

    I know it's tough - even for us seasoned nurses it's tough.
  4. by   SL2014
    Hello, I just wanted to let you know I feel your pain. I'm in Phoenix, Arizona, I graduated in August and have applied for almost 200 jobs. I graduated with a 3.75, I have ACLS, PALS and BLS. I am a member of Sigma Theta Tau, ANA and AACN.... I can't even get a **call** back. It's rough out there, people. Keep your head up and keep being positive. Make sure to try and keep the best attitude possible despite how incredibly frustrating it is. We will make it.
  5. by   meeep
    Two HUNDRED?!?! And zero calls?! Did you put the right phone number on your application? :P
  6. by   T-Bird78
    I'm a LPN with 4 years experience and I've been looking for 6 months. I'm going through SeaCap staffing, so that might be your best bet. Emory's jobsite has a place specifically for new grad RNs so check that out.
  7. by   SL2014
    I just got a call back for an interview so yeah. And BELIEVE me, I got suspicious too!!! I even called my phone from my friends phone to make sure something wasn't wrong lol. It's ROUGH out there.

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