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i was just wondering if anyone has got there rn license transfer to georgia, by endorsement, recently. how long did they take to issue you a license? on the application it states 15 business day... Read More

  1. by   sheronep
    OMG!!! our school had the same option over a year ago but dropped it because we never came back (I wonder why!!) I am so glad I never took that option.

    SO I guess moving closer to family is out of the question huh......

    Quote from thehimlady
    Can I jump in here with a lengthy vent?
    Plus, there is a method to my madness. You know how it is when you stare at a problem so long, you cannot seem to find the solution? That is how it has been for me, and I would greatly appreciate ANY ideas!
    Last year, my first mistake was deciding to move to Georgia to be closer to family without having my GA license in hand. I applied for licensure by endorsement and waited and waited and waited. Four months of still pending and getting run-around answers, I left and went to work in another state. (I have had a compact license for over three years.)
    The time has come again to try to go back to Georgia because that what makes the most sense. I want to be closer to my family for my kids sake.
    I found out from the GBON my license is still pending because I did not graduate as an LPN. The program I was in was an ADN program and after one year, you received a Certificate of Nursing which allowed you to sit for the boards and become licensed. I did all that and have worked as an LPN since, but it's not good enough for Georgia. Their solution, go back to school and get a diploma. I found out this morning that since it's been so long since I went to school, I would have to repeat the entire thing!! I do not have the time, money nor stamia for something like that.
    I'm frustrated and out of ideas.
  2. by   shannon_jones_rn
    well when I sent ALL my paperwork in February, I got my license in May....
  3. by   JTGratitude
    After mailing in my application and supporting documentation it took them a week to respond. My former employer screwed up my paperwork and checked the box saying I wasn't required to have a license to work for them. Ugh. Needless to say it took six weeks to sort that out.
  4. by   MJB2010
    I am very frustrated by this process. It says 15 days on the website, when I called I was told "sometimes they dont even open the mail for 15 days" and to give it 8 weeks. Meanwhile the job I want requires it sooner than that, so I went all the way to Georgia for interviews, fingerprints, and paid all of these fees for nothing. I am so frustrated. I REALLY want this job! But it is super competative so there is no way they are going to wait on me. Too many others willing to grab the spot.
  5. by   rbird
    Got GA RN license by endorsement in 2 business days. Sent application by priority mail last Wednesday, was received Friday, and received notification of licensure yesterday (Tuesday).
  6. by   uscgal09
    Hey, yall! I am not sure if any of you know the answer to this or even a better place to post this perhaps, but I'll give it a shot. I am currently waiting on the whole process of license by endorsement in GA. I graduated in May 2009 and got a BSN in SC and have found no job. I am curious about this re-entry program that the paperwork discussed for the GA license for people with less than six months experience. Does anyone know what this is like? How detailed it is? How long it is? If you get paid during that time? I'd really actually love a detailed review of stuff considering how long I've now been out of school, but I know most people probably prefer it be brief. Anyway, thank you to anyone able and willing to help! Rbird, that's AWESOME your license got processed so quickly! I am even having trouble with SC sending my stuff to GA. *sigh*
  7. by   ShowersRN4
    Sent my app in on Tues., Aug. 30th recieved email on Fri. Sept 2nd it was recieved (FYI sent it by UPS ground gaurantee to be there next day - only $7). Got my license today Not bad considering holiday weekend. Now to get a job!
  8. by   ArmyWifeJ
    I have been waiting since the 1st week of August, the website states they received my application on August 17 and it is now it is Sept 24 and still pending on there website and when you call the people are so unhelpful and I am still waiting on a return call from someone at the Board. They are saying they didn't receive my verification from Texas and we are online with NURSYS the verification is immediate after you pay the $30 dollars (I did that on August 15). I have a job and can't start because I have no license, I will be a homeless nurse in Georgia before long. Who can I complain to I am so frustrated.
  9. by   ShowersRN4 try this website it will bring up a check list and maybe it will tell you what they are waiting on. I did the nursys before I sent in the application and sent in the reciept with the app. hope this helps
  10. by   ArmyWifeJ
    Yes I have the link for that thanks it still says they are waiting on "Verification of Licensure" their system just seems so antiquated. I may have to go back to my home state and work agency and fly back to Georgia to be with my family on the weekend.
  11. by   DelanaRN
    The squeaky wheel gets the oil. Call them every day. Have the receipt number for your Nursys verification and give that to them every time you call. Tell them you are in desperate need to find a job as your family likes to eat and let them know when you applied and ask what they are waiting on. If the first person you get on the phone isn't helpful, call back again. I too am an Army wife, and it took some time to get my license, but once I stepped up on the phone calls and demanding to know why it was taking so long, the license was processed in a 5-10 working days. I knew they had everything because I sent EVERYTHING that was required in one packet certified with signature on receipt. I got an email that they were missing a couple of things. I responded that they did indeed have everything they needed and again gave them my nursys verification number and my fingerprinting number. I kept calling. I totally understand your frustration. Good luck and God bless.
  12. by   DelanaRN
    PS - Also keep track of when you call and who you talk to and what you were told. I just kept a list on a sheet of paper.
  13. by   gracieD
    I applied for licensure by examination the first week of August and it was taking forever just to get my ATT!! After four weeks of waiting and no ATT, I called and wrote emails to the Secretary of State, Brian Kemp - the Board of Nursing is under his administration.

    Interestingly, I received my ATT 2 days later. My total time from application to licensure was about six weeks.

    Here are the sites that I used to contact him/his people:

    Georgia Secretary of State

    campaign office - Kemp for Secretary of State - Connect : Contact Brian