GPC Fall 2013 letters - page 14

I can't believe it. I have read in the past I wouldn't hear until the end of March or April to know if I was accepted. To my very happy surprise, I got my letter in the mail today! Let the games... Read More

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    Hi everyone I have a quick question! I was wondering is there a website you can check to see if you got accepted/not accepted? I have been out of town a lot this semester and its almost 4/30. Im so nervous. Congrats to all those who have made it!

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    Sadly no.
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    I would email the nursing dept. They are very nice.
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    Thank you Stephanie! Congrats to you!
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    Thank you Stephanie! Congrats to you! Can you send me their email, if you have it please?
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    I don't. But you can find it on the nursing web page. I can't post her name but the lady you want to speak withs initials are RC.
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    Thanks again!
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    If you go to gpc's website and click directories then search nursing under dept, it'll be the name with initials RC and the title administrator coordinator good luck!
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    Hello ladies! Just as I being April 30th, I received an email with the information to move forward with the nursing program. I plan to order my books soon and I already ordered the background check and drug screening. Hugs to all!
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    Good luck

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