Anyone work at GRADY MEMORIAL in Atlanta?

  1. Does anyone work at GRADY MEMORIAL? I am moving to Atlanta the end of next year and am hoping to get a job at Grady because I know the learning there is priceless. I have been doing research about the hospital and realize the past 10-13 years have been difficult and they are undergoing some serious changes. I was wondering what it is like to work there and if any change is noticeable yet. I will be looking for RN work in the ICU or their awesome trauma/ER with only about 1 year experience in med-surg. Any information anyone is willing to offer up would be appreciated. Thanks
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  3. by   mfisher6
    I volunteer in the ECC, or ER. It is amazing. As of now, I dont think any jobs are posted for the ECC, but there are critical care jobs. But, I am sure the ECC needs nurses. Let me tell you about the ECC. The ECC has two main areas: The Blue and Red Zone. Blue Zone has hall spots, rooms, critical care rooms, asthma rooms, and a CPR room. Red Zone has hall spots, rooms, and 4 trauma bays. On a busy night you could have 2-7 patients at a time, depending on the assignment. Grady ECC nurses work very hard and are good at what they do, thats why I love going. The website has been recently updated, I would recommend you browse through it

    If you have any other questions, I can try to answer them.
  4. by   NurseMarla
    I did ICU & L&D clinicals there over the last 2 years, and what you've heard is right. You will see things there that you will not see elsewhere. From what I saw with the change in management is that you really have to be on your Ps & Qs for everything; new mgmt is strict and will not hesitate to make examples. It's not the friendliest place to be, but if you're there to learn rather than make friends, you're in the right place. I would have applied already, but I'm post-NCLEX, pre-license right now. Good luck!
  5. by   meg816
    Congrats on passing NCLEX! That's so exciting. If you have time, do you mind elaborating on what kind's of things you saw in the ICU. Do you know how hard it would be to get a job in the ICU with about 1 year's experience on a med-surg floor? My plan is to go to nurse anesthetist school and I need some ICU experience It takes years to get in the ICU at my hospital and we send the most critical patients down south (I live in Alaska). Thanks a bunch.
  6. by   NurseMarla

    I did a week of MICU there, and the most memorable cases I had were a 50-something year old man who was clearly schizophrenic (but psych didn't come to see him the whole time I was there, and no psych meds) and kept pulling the ETT out. You'll have to excuse me if I forget his Dx; I spent most of my time trying to keep his O2 sats up while simultaneously keeping him from hitting me.

    The other was a woman with C dif and COPD. She was very sweet, but very stinky

    A large majority of the patients at Grady are indigent, and you can tell. I don't mean to sound mean or snotty, but they need a LOT of teaching and resources. What I really liked about their ICU was that you only have 2 patients, but it is total care; no techs. The paperwork isn't too bad either.

    I don't see 1 year med/surg being a barrier to you getting in there. The main thing is to make yourself known. Most people who work there are paying their dues so they can go do what they really want, and I don't blame them. The experience is like a gold star on your resume.
  7. by   Grady80
    I worked at Grady for about six years in various departments. You should have no problem getting into any department with your experience. You will just have to go through a three month orientation. What department are you interested in?

    The learning experience is in a class of its own. The problem is that at times you ask your self if you are truly providing the best care being in such an environment that is short on everything . . . staff, supplies, and even for some, compassion. If you are a person of high standards this can create a conflict. You can sink to a substandard "Grady Nurse" attitude, or you can persist, persevere and just give it your best. I both love and hate Grady. Strange, I know. You are given the greatest opportunity to provide care for those in tremendous need. Most have no other option for healthcare either due to traumatic circumstance or financial limitation.

    Let's talk about personnel. Nurses, doctors, pcts (few and far between), clerks and all other staff can be difficult. Many have bad attitudes. Many are arrogant. Lots are just plain lazy. But there are quite a few true saints who have a wealth of care and knowledge to share. The key is to find your resources.
    Best of luck!
  8. by   meg816
    Thanks for taking the time to reply. I think I want to be a nurse anesthetist and this requires 1-2 years of ICU experience to even apply for the program. However, after doing alot of research on Grady I really want to work in the Trauma Unit. I love the idea of working with people in need and the craziness a trauma 1 unit has to offer. Maybe it is the naivety of a soon to be new grad, but I truly want to touch lives and save lives. I want to be busy and learn as much as I can every day that I go to work. I have high standards thanks to some amazing nursing instructors. From what I have read 1 year experience at Grady is like 4 years anywhere else. I am excited and ready for that. I am very good with people, even difficult people(difficult coworkers). I was a waitress in a busy restaurant for 6 years and was grateful for the people experience. I live in a medium size town and our hospital is only 150 beds and although there is alot to be learned here, many of our patients get shipped to larger cities. I can't wait to work in a large hospital and all it has to offer. I'm overly excited about being a nurse, I know, but I love nursing!
  9. by   TeeTee,RN
    I just recently got a job at Grady. I start in June. I am excited because Grady was my first choice also. I know they have had alot of problems in the past, but they have a new CEO and I hear things are getting better. Anyone else work at Grady? Tell us your experiences good and bad.
  10. by   BSN317
    TeeTee, congrats on your new job. What area will you be working in? I have been looking on their site often and I see a lot of position but none I would qualify for. When did you apply? I have heard stories about Grady but I heard its getting better as well. A professor of mine did like 15 plus years there, and said the pay was great, but the politics were terrible. She complained of being overworked. Yet, I still would like to work there for the experience- In just about any area they'd accept me!
  11. by   jenrn2008
    I have worked there for over a year in the ICU. I have nothing positive to say.
  12. by   aussieeverett
    I currently work at Grady on a med-surg unit. some say its one of the harder departments to work in because they are so understaffed. I get anywhere from 7-10patients. I would say a typical night is 7-8 patients and atypical is 6 or less and 9 or more but the last 3 nights i worked i have had 9 and 10. I went to grady straight out of school and the orientation is good but the learning experience as far as precepting really just depends who you are assigned to, if anyone. I was never assigned to one person. I have been there a year now and I am looking to transfer off medsurg or move to a different hospital. I also love/hate grady. I hate the way they treat their med surg nurses (can speak to other depts) but its such a good learning experience and I have excellent time management skills and they say once you can work at grady you can work anywhere, and other facilities looks at that experience as like a medal of honor since you work in such rough conditions with VERY sick patients. The medsurg patients i have, well they would probably be on step down units at other hospitals, most of them at least. Hope that helps!
  13. by   ashfost
    Does anyone know if Grady is hiring new graduate nurses currently? (Summer 2010) It is getting so hard to get on with Atlanta Hospitals. Thanks!
  14. by   aussieeverett
    Ashfost - I replied to your private message on a thread you had posted a while back. Since I am a new user I am unable to send private messages. Yes Grady is hiring. Read my reply, it will tell you the best way to get hired.

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