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BSN317 has 7 years experience and specializes in Family Med, Mental Health, Public Health.

Family NP, Psychiatric NP, Former USPHS Officer

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  1. BSN317

    Foreign trained MD

    I did indeed read that part; just thought perhaps your school also offered a streamlined doctorate option as well. Thanks anyways!
  2. BSN317

    Foreign trained MD

    @babyNP, I would also like the name of that institution as well. I am looking for a strong (but shorter) DNP option. Im currently a FNP. Thanks!
  3. BSN317


    Hey...I just came in again with the canceling of the orders. I am not sure I am understanding correctly. I did hear about the new health care bill, etc etc but I really didnt think it was going to affect any officers like that. Plus, we have a new officer who is starting tomorrow, so whats up with that??? Im confused. @Ultimo, sorry I didnt repsond earlier. At OBC, the first 3 days you wear regular black and white. (black bottoms, white shirts) in an attempt for uniformity. After that, all you wear is the khakis in OBC. There some nurses who were assigned to be BOP, and I saw them ordering the dark blue one piece coveralls, because thats what they wear daily at work. They also spoke of the training at BOP. You can pm and I can put you in touch with one of them via email if you have questions about it.
  4. BSN317


    No, only thing you NEED for graduation was the khaki uniforms. The windbreaker/sweaters came in handy for early morning formations, etc when it was breezy out. But besides that, no. Im not sure how the weather is this time of year...PS I ordered almost everything, and my total was like 700!! (the sheet didnt have any prices) WHOAAA!
  5. BSN317


    Congrats Viper!!!! YAY!!!!
  6. Definitely EXPENSIVE, and the 250 uniform allowance barely scratches the surface for all the uniforms youll need. BTW, if any one needs BDUs, I have about 3-4 sets BRAND NEW but theyre too big. Theyre size medium long in both the tops and bottoms. A co worker gave them to me, since Army doesnt wear them anymore. Maybe someone can use them. PM me if so!!! :)
  7. It was immediate! I didnt even get my HR paperwork until late...I submitted the oath via fax and they cut orders like the next day or two. It moved very quickly. Also, your clearance can be done and not reflect on the site quite yet...Im keeping my fingers crossed that yours gets done in time!
  8. I didnt have to move actually. I secured a position near my hometown at an Army base, so I lucked out. Hopefully, they will get it done before them; it can be done! Have you been in contact with the security personnel? I believe her name was Helen, or something of that nature...
  9. Yeah, just stay in touch..things seemed to get expedited once I had a job offer, so hopefully both of your security checks will get pushed through as well. Im sure mine did if I got the clearance BEFORE they heard from my references,lol. Good luck to both of you, and welcome!!! PS I let my employer know it was a possibility that I'd be leaving, but I didnt know exactly when, and they worked well with me so I wasnt just springing it on them. I literally had like only a 10 day window of when it became "official" and when I had to leave for OBC. ( I went there first)
  10. Mine took about 60 days or so; but I had never had a security clearance before. @viper, the level one is the minimum that youre required to achieve; the standards seem to be a bit more lax than the other services. I dont know much about the presidential challenge, I never tried it; but I hear its a popular choice!
  11. @charming46, yes, about 6 months before my tour is done (3 years) they are going to review my file again and then make a decision based on that. If everything is fine, then Im good to go, to serve without any restrictions. If not, then I am not really sure, I think there is some way to extend if I remember correctly for more time. I didnt put much thought into it, I was SO anxious to get in and I knew I'd have my issue resolved. I have resolved it already, (anemia) so hopefully I'll be good to go! @viper, I've been MIA on here lately, but glad to see things have gone so well for you!!! Ive been wearing my BDUs as of about 2 weeks ago, and they are sooooo much more comfortable! Get ready for tons of questions and weird looks, lol! Its literally an everyday thing for me, now Ive gotten used to it but it can be a pain when youre in a rush, haha. Ive been reading the latest posts, and fyi: I didnt have to meet with an investigator or anything, although I thought I would. They just sent out these survey things to people I listed on my equip in the mail. That was all. I dont even think it mattered much because the letters came AFTER I got my security clearance, so go figure!
  12. BSN317


    Does anyone know wear I can order the PHS badge for the BDUs??? I really new to get one ASAP!! :)
  13. BSN317

    FNP with little inpatient/hospital experience

    Hello, I am in a similar position. I am a relatively new nurse ( graduated May 2008) and I ve worked in psych and in public health. I loved public health, and most of my patients were "well" and occassionally acutely ill but of course all we did was direct them to the ER anyways. I am currently in FNP school right now, and honestly I dont think my lack of real hospital experience is all that detrimental; nursing experience, maybe on some points, but with studying and reading I do well. I already know outpatient care is really what I like, so I was never too enthused about going inpatient anyways. I'd say GO FOR IT, I did, and Im happy with the decision. Good luck!
  14. BSN317

    Nurse practitioner

    Well, I am currenlty in FNP school...Correct me if Im wrong, but I believe you can teach with an FNP degree. A professor of mine had her MSN in FNP. Also, cant you obtain the psych qualificiation/certification if you finish your FNP? Just seems like you could kill a couple of birds with one stone, if you're interested in all those areas. I dont know though, just my thoughts! Good luck in whatever you decide to do!
  15. BSN317


    Q-tip was probably confused with "E-Quip." Its a pain, really! But its the online process where you input all your info to secure your security clearance.
  16. BSN317

    USPHS Pay Rates/Scales

    Yes, and it also depends if you have dependents or not. I have a dependent, and I get about 1100 a month, and I am a "baby" O-2. Its pretty good, and I live in GA.