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What will you be doing? I'll be reading as much fiction as I can (Hello library!). I'm going to Disney World with my boyfriend and son. I also might consider picking up a few more hours at work. I plan on doubling the amount of... Read More

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    Spending time with my 3 year old son. Reading books. Relaxing! (:

    I pretty much have a month off. So that's exciting.
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    I plan on spending time with my older children who will be visiting from out of town, spending time with my grandchildren who live locally, and in general..... being a slug.....
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    Relaxing, sleeping, reading, doing nothing.... and going skiing (or attempting to) in Colorado.
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    Studying! I hope to get ECG, ACLS,PALS and NRP certified before school starts up again in January. Oh and brush up on skills that I am currently not using. We shall see:-)
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    Im going to be studying for my HESI exam!
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    I'm going to catch up on sleep, de junk my house (it seems to have built up during school) and enjoy the holidays. It's my favorite time of the year!
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    Study for the NCLEX, yikes!
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    This semester is my last semester as a pre-nursing student, so I'm going to enjoy my last few weeks of freedom by being lazy and going to see my family. Oh and also by welcoming my husband back home from his 2nd deployment, woot! Next semester the fun (and craziness) really begins! Have a great break everyone!
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    I'll spend my time sleeping and studying for the government class I'll be taking during the minimester. I'm about to finish my 3rd semester of NS and I'm so tired I wish I could spend my Christmas break relaxing, sleeping, and having fun... but my goal is to finish the pre reqs for the RN BSN program before I graduate from the ADN program, so it's better if I take classes during the breaks so I don't have to take them together with nursing courses during the semeter
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    I'm going to pray that it snows so I can play in it with my kids! Will be getting ready for Christmas (wrapping, cooking, cleaning, decluttering, donating, etc!) and then also celebrating my baby girl's 2nd birthday. Mostly just looking forward to NOT studying, NOT reading (textbooks, at least!) and just enjoying my family! :-)

    Break cannot come soon enough!!!
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