Who's heading back tomorrow?

  1. Ah, after a beautiful 6 weeks of freedom it is time to get back to classes tomorrow. I have 8 weeks of Med/Surg 1 Mod B, then 8 weeks of Mental Health.

    Who's heading back tomorrow and what will you be taking?
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  3. by   Arievilo
    I'm heading back tomorrow! I'm in my second semester and I have gerontology wellness and Maternity. Its my first clinical rotations and I'm quite excited!
  4. by   86toronado
    I too am heading back tomorrow. 8 months left!! I'm kinda getting butterflies now...
  5. by   amyb2684
    I am heading back tomorrow after a 19 day break . I am taking advanced med surg and the clinical to go along with it. Graduate in May 09. My only complaint is I want more of a break. Oh well, I guess too long would be destructive.
  6. by   msjack
    I'm also heading back tomorrow for second year! I'm starting out with my psych clinical and then have lecture and another class on thursday.
  7. by   Bortaz, RN
    Starting 3rd of 4 semesters tomorrow. Pediatric mini-mester through Oct 12, then OB mini-mester through Dec 13.

    8 months to go, and I can't wait.
  8. by   Inkits
    Well I started back last Thrusday, on semester 2 of 5. This is our first clinical rotation and I'm pretty excited! We have adult health, older adult health, pharm, prof. concepts and topics in public health. Busy for sure this semester! I'm starting off in the oncology unit....that I'm a little scared about but I am sure it will be great!

    Good luck to everyone heading back!!!

  9. by   cardiacRN2006
    I am too! I take my first nursing classes tomorrow for my RN-BSN.
  10. by   PianoGirl20
    I'm headed back and taking OB, peds, geri and nursing ethics this semester. I'm really looking forward to OB-something totally new and with different experiences nearly every week for clinical. And from what I've heard from others at my school about my other classes, they sound like they'll be manageable. So I'm actually pretty excited!
  11. by   charlottegirl
    YEAY!! I am so excited to be starting school tomorrow. I start NS in January, as I have four prereq's that I have to retake (my BS in Biology is about 10 years old!). I am just thrilled to have been accepted. My three little girls start school tomorrow too........
    Hugs to all of you,
  12. by   blynn9173
    I start back tomorrow as well. I am starting in an RN Associate Program. I am excited and cant wait to get started. I am taking Fundamentals, Pharmacology Math, Nursing Computer Class, Nursing Trends, and Clinicals. I wish every one good luck in their studies.
  13. by   chevyv
    I start back this Wednesday for 4th semester. CHA 2 is what we call it. Complex Health Alterations 2. My last big theory class Yea!!! Good luck everyone
  14. by   missjennmb
    I am starting tomorrow. I took a math class this summer but this will be the start of "real school". I'm taking A&P1, Nursing Fundamentals and Med Surg 1. I read my texts for all three this weekend and can say without a doubt that the only one I'm going to have trouble retaining is A&P. I almost fell asleep at my desk just trying to read it!! ugh!