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  1. Hello Charlottegirl,

         I noticed that you graduated from GCU with your MSN in education. I am currently shopping schools for my MSN in education and wanted to know about your experience with GCU. How heavy was the class work? Can you attend part time? Is the course work discussion/paper or proctored exam? Is there any outrageous assignments i.e. 20+ page paper? Any feedback would be appreciated.

  2. charlottegirl

    Can Single Mom of Twins Make it Through School?

    Hey mama, you can do this. I did it too, with 3 girls around the age yours are now. I did have help with childcare (my parents and best friend kept them before school those early clinical mornings). I had nothing from my ex. I took out student loans to live on- we lived in a 900 sq foot apartment and got food stamps and Medicaid for the kids. I took advantage of a program through the hospital where they paid 80% of my tuition in exchange for 2 years service. I graduated and I love my career. Best of all I know I was a great example to my girls. Look into scholarships and grants.... Beth mentioned the Pell grant. A friend in the same situation a me was a recipient of the Answer Scholarship (in NC) which awarded her housing and other benefits. Good luck. You can do this!!
  3. charlottegirl

    Might be a dumb question but

    Lol don't forget BID heparin sq and the colace!
  4. charlottegirl

    Thinking of giving up FNP program

    Hey there! I am right there with you in the online FNP program. I do not like it. At all. I am transferring to a ground campus. Could this be an option for you? I had not even thought about it until one of the NPs I work with told me about it. I am a "weekender" so the High Point NC program will work great for me- the class goes all day every Thursday. There is a Savannah GA program that my friend attended- it's one weekend a month Saturday/Sunday. How far are you into the program? I am completing Pharmacology now online and I don't feel like I have learned anything....not enough at least to provide patient care. I have an MSN but it's leadership concentration. They let me transfer Theory and Research, so I had to take Role of the ANP, the Policy class, Pharmacology (finishing Wednesday)- I still need Pharmacology, ANP I, and Health Assessment before I go into clinicals.
  5. charlottegirl

    Can We Talk? End of Life Discussions

    Well said. Sharing.
  6. charlottegirl

    CMC Main Pay??

    I sent you a PM
  7. charlottegirl

    Making 100k salary/ income?

    One nurse i worked with in a moderate cost of living area worked as a night "weekender" in a hospital. She picked up a lot of extra night shifts....overtime adds up. She has been in six figure fange past few years but little life outside of work. Best bet is to find what you love. As corny and cliche as it sounds The money will come and the joy matters so much.
  8. charlottegirl

    I Want to Make a Difference in My Patients' Lives

    Hi...i am a hospice nurse and i love it. I was an admission nurse where i presented services and brought patients under care. I rarely was there for the death. There are after hours/on call positions too where although you see death more often you have not necessarily bonded w that patient and family. You are able to be the one who comes in and handles a crisis professionally and provide education. I just love what we do. As a case manager you will likely form relationships with the pt and family more easily. Some nurses love tgat- not the role for me though.
  9. charlottegirl

    University South Alabama MSN Applicants Spring 2014

    Hi I'm in NC my letter came yesterday (15th) with good news. I'm doing AGNP-Primary Care :). So excited. Congrats everyone who got in!
  10. charlottegirl

    drug diversion program and felony count help! pls.

    Mommi, My prayers are with you. As a recovering alcoholic/addict myself, I know some of the fear you are dealing with. Please get involved with a twelve step program (NA) and get a sponsor and work your steps. You must turn this over to your higher power and take this one day at a time. Grace, Charlotte
  11. charlottegirl

    USA fall NP acceptance packet question

    cost-wise south alabama is pretty reasonable compared to other np programs. usa online students pay the distance ed fees...if i'm correct i think it's around 480 per credit hour. duke is 1400 per credit hour if i recall correctly! yes i read those negative reviews too but there are always going to be folks who vent on forums about the negative stuff....i have also heard a lot of positive feedback first hand from other nurses at my hospital who are in the program :) good luck to you....i applied for spring anp primary care program and i can't wait to find out!
  12. charlottegirl

    Any nurses in recovery in Austin /San Antonio texas area

    I found where the Texas Physician Health Program publishes the case number, title (MD, surgical asst, etc) and specialty (radiology, etc) but not the name. Also the list of drug tests taken, failed, explanation from probationer, and recommendation from Disciplinary Process Review Committee. Not unlike what the BON might do. Except their names aren't published..... Thank God we all have the grace to change. I'll have five years sobriety in October. Addiction sucks. But I'm a better woman, nurse and mother having weathered it. Charlotte
  13. charlottegirl

    Adult/Gero NP Primary Care @ South Alabama Anyone?

    Wow it's been almost 2 years to the day since I originally posted this, how funny that I came upon it! I finally applied to this program for Spring 2014 admission. Anyone with experience with USA I'd love to hear.....
  14. charlottegirl

    Online ADN to NP Programs

    Pretty sure University of South Alabama has a RN-BSN/MSN program with the NP programs you are looking for. Very reasonable tuition. I've also seen some ads on allnurses for online RN-BSN that take about a year to complete. (U Louisiana Lafayette?) Good luck. Every door that closes is for a reason, keep your chin up.
  15. charlottegirl

    Social Media And You

    I'm on FB and Instagram....though partly for different reasons....I have 3 teenage daughters! (yes, i have their passwords...) I don't post much and NEVER about work. You bet I watch my girls like a hawk.
  16. charlottegirl

    What is the quickest specialty certification out there?

    aachavez, can you get a job as an NA at the hospital where you'd like to work? This would be a good way to get on board and show your work ethic. When we were interviewing in our last semester there was a lot of weight placed on experience in the healthcare setting. Also we have hired our techs after graduation (at least those that have shown excellent work). I agree with the previous post...keep those grades up, and do volunteer work!!