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msjack has 7 years experience and specializes in Oncology.

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  1. Biological Monitoring of Onc Nurses

    We had blood drawn once a year by occupational health to monitor for any changes. Like the PP we don't mix our own chemo, it comes mixed from pharmacy with tubing attached and pre primed.
  2. Tampa pay rates

    Thanks for the info! I am chemo certified which is helpful. I work with a traveler now that travels to florida often and she did warn me that the pay for nurses in florida was bad. Just hoping its not too bad lol. Since the cost of living is lowe...
  3. Tampa pay rates

    I am relocating to the tampa area in the next few months. Working on getting my florida license now. Do you know how the Moffitt cancer center pays? I have 7 years experience with all of it being in oncology/hospice. I make a little more than $30...
  4. Nursing trends in oncology/nursing pharmacist?

    Pharmacy only mixes our chemo as well. In both institutions I have worked at this is how it was.
  5. Sodium Phos with a filter?

    Thanks for the input everyone. It's interesting to hear what other hospitals are doing. The two other drugs mentioned above I've never hung as I don't work on a unit that does drips. I work in oncology so the drugs we use often with filters are fai...
  6. Sodium Phos with a filter?

    I've recently come back into hospital nursing after a year doing home health and the new hospital I work at runs sodium phos with a filter? Is this standard practice at other hospitals? I just don't remember ever doing this. If this is standard pr...
  7. Nope I leave mine in the garage. I don't like shoes being worn in the house, but hubby always wears his, so I digress.
  8. Embarassing but true, please advise

    Hi there. I was in the same situation you were in, I had a DWI, and I had no problem finding a job. I was honest on my application and provided any info they needed and I wasn't asked about it a second time. I did have more issues getting my RN lic...
  9. INOVA Trauma/ICU Preceptorships

    Yep RN1's are still making $25 an hour. Wow, I would have thought it would have come up some since 2008.
  10. So does a drug test mean employment???

    I had an interview about a month ago, where I interviewed with the nurse manager and then did the peer interview. She introduced me to all the staff during the tour. At the end of the interview she walked me down to the lab to get a drug test. I f...
  11. New Grads and Temp Agencies

    I had an offer for a contract position for 3-4 months with a temp agency that paid quite well for a new grad. I was going to take it, but I ended up very lucky with an offer for a FT position with a local hospital. I'm not sure what area you are in...
  12. Scrub Stores in Washington DC/Maryland?

    There is one in Woodbridge in or near Potomac Mills mall called Uniform City. They have a website with their address so you could get directions. There is also another one in Dulles Towne Center on the lower level called Scrub Up, although I don't ...
  13. What # of questions did u pass the NCLEX with?

    Passed with 130 questions.
  14. VA NCLEX - HELP!!!!

    Hi I'm also in Va and took my nclex last week. It might be that you took your test on a Saturday, so technically no one was at the BON to receive your results until today. I wouldn't freak out yet. Try tomorrow and see if they are there then. I t...
  15. Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    Hi all..I just wanted to say that the "trick" worked for me as well! I tried it as soon as I got home from the test and got the pop-up and was blocked, checked it again today same thing, called my BON and I have a license so I passed!