Whistle Blowing

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    What does everyone think about nurses whistle blowing. Do you guys think there are any strategies that hospitals can have to make whistle blowing more acceptable?

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    Sounds like homework. What do you think? We're glad to help but won't do your homework for you.
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    Homework or real life situation?

    What are your thoughts on the issue?
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    Threads merged in student assistance forum.

    If this is a homework assignment, we won't do your work for you. Please share your thoughts and research and other students and nurses will be happy to help and guide you.
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    I agree with everyone......we need to hear your thoughts first. As a member of the old bat society I can give an opinion.....

    How can hospitals make it more acceptable??? By making administrators behave AND stop creating ways to fire these people and by making a truly anonymous way of reporting. But that will NEVER happen.....whistle blowers cost the facilities money.
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    Not homework actually. Just something that we were talking about it class and I was just wondering what others thoughts were.

    We were talking about having different ways of reporting such as an anonymous report box.
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    Just calling it "whistleblowing" shows a change. This is a relatively new term for old concept that went by some unflattering names: ratting, tattling, snitching etc.
    Doesn't "whistleblowing" sound like you are doing something heroic?
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    Many of us have been around here a long time....and we've been in school ourselves...so we know that a bunch of nurses or nursing student don't really sit around casually talking about "strategies that hospitals can have to make whistle blowing more acceptable?" without it coming from some assignment somewhere.

    Hospitals want silent workhorses that never complain....and will do everything in their power to maintain the status quo. Until a third party with no affiliation with the facility what so ever...... and is independent financially....I do not believe there is any solution.
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    Actually isn't a homework assignment just a question my teacher brought up in class but thanks for the conversation...
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    Unfortunately, this is a difficult subject for nurses in the working field....hospital make it very clear while there are processes....they don't want them used.
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