Whiners in the classroom?!?!?!

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    I'm in a 2 year adn program, and I can't believe on top of all the work I have to listen to fellow students spend valuable lecture time complaining to the professor about....

    - the lecture not being animated enough

    - the readings too many, too long, too many books

    - study guides not being accurate (one student complained that hot packs were on the study guide, but we were tested on cold packs, I'm sure as a nurse we will only need to know the effects of one or the other right??)

    -that a snowstorm postponed our exam

    -that they don't understand a tough topic (like abg's) after a lecture and that they shouldn't have to learn it on their own time

    is this common in every school? there are many people who work, go to school, have families... we deal, what's up with these people??? I'm so tired of listening to them
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    There are people like that everywhere in any major. As you go along those people are typically weeded out of the program. Just tune them out in the meantime.
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    Yeah, it's not just you. I may make my own complaints, I think all of us do. But the one that always drives me nuts is about something not being covered in lecture or not being well understood. Or a particular professor who doesn't teach the way the student prefers to learn. So any bad mark is totally the prof's fault because they should teach so that everyone knows everything.

    Sure. That sounds like the real world. My usual response is that as much as it is the professor's job to teach, it is ours to learn. Just because I feel my colleague has not done their job, doesn't mean I can get out of doing mine!

    I usually avoid commenting on these types of complaints. There are others that are just venting and I don't mind those. Just this morning in clinical we were all complaining about a second clinical date that was added. The told us on Wednesday last week that effective this week we would also have clinical on Tuesdays. Sunday night around 9pm they posted the information regarding the clinical, locations, expectations and readings. On Monday night around 5 we got an email from the CI to tell us what we needed to have competed, printed and read by 8 am Tuesday morning. It sucked. Not going to lie. So yeah, I can see some venting about stuff like that. Doesn't mean we didn't do the work but boy were there some tired people Tuesday morning!

    I'm a mature student and I do sometimes worry about the work ethic I see in some (not all) of the younger students, especially those who have not had work experience yet. The high school experience is really not a preparation for the "real" world.
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    So stop listening. You are under no obligation to participate in this whining or to dignify it with a response. They will learn, or they won't. Not your problem.

    Be a great example and some of them will learn from you. The others...well, they'll take longer.
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    This happens everywhere, and it will happen at work too. It's just how some operate, sadly. You eventually learn to shut ignorance out. Lol.
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    I've learned to tune certain people out, cuz all they do is complain. There is not enough time to learn everything we have to know in lecture, or else we'd be there for hours upon hours. It's like that in just about any class. Thats why we have to study...
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    Galipemi- yeah I think it is an age thing, first time around with my bachelors no one said anything or acted like these kids. I'm one of the older ones in the group, almost 40, and don't consider myself that old.. but I do consider myself a professional, at work, or at school.,
    they need to go and whine to the profs on their personal time, not during lecture time, because it is during my time, which I am being forced to listen to. I just can't believe how baby like they act, it's a shame, it really reflects poorly on them. My nerves are getting frayed with class after class listening to them :-(
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    My 17 year old takes courses at our local community college in addition to completing her senior year of high school as a home schooling student. Her first day of Medical Terminology she texted me during the break about the 'whiny pre-nursing students' griping about the work load! On the first day.

    It's mid-term now, and she says this group continues to complain - and get poor grades. Instructor has to tell them to stop talking and texting multiple times per week. She's pulling an A+ BTW - and is planning to go into OT.

    So I guess my point is - whiners are everywhere. Like the others said, ignore them to the best of your ability.
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    Yes, they are in every class, even in my small class. I have decided that no one is going to get in my way so I ignore the whining, pay attention in class and have my focus where it needs to be. It won't be long until those who are not willing to do the work will be out.
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    Thankfully I'm finished in 7 weeks!!! It surprising how much you can putt up when your at the end. Lol. Of course I will still have to put up with it at work and at my new job as an RN. Learning tolerance has benefited me.

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