When did you want to become a nurse?

  1. Do you remember when you wanted to become a nurse? Was it an event that caused your desire to become a nurse? Family? Or just information at the right time?

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  3. by   BSNbeDONE
    My dad decided for me when I was in the 7th grade way back in the EARLY 20th century.: (can't teach an old dog new tricks). So, I'm trying some different tricks within the same field
  4. by   Tinker88
    high school! but I received a BS in education like all my friends did. I was attracted to the idea of teaching and intimidated by the idea of nursing school. BUT my teaching experience will actually help me as a student and in my nursing career. Everything happens for a reason. I start the accelerated BSN program at Union University this August I am going back to pursue my dream!!!
  5. by   Skips
    I had teaching in mind, but after my husband went through nursing school I basically followed in his footsteps. I was very interested in what he was learning about and thought it was amazing! (: Now he's an RN, and I'm in school with a year and a half left in a BSN program.
  6. by   KelRN215
    In 8th grade. I was obsessed with ER and the main nurse character in the show- Carol Hathaway- got to make out with George Clooney. And I'm only kind of kidding when I say that's what got me interested.
  7. by   jaskew2661
    I have wanted to be a nurse all of my l;ife. When I graduated from LPN school, my mom had a graduation party for me and she put out the little red schoolbook that I had when I was little. It that I wanted be a nurse when I grew up
  8. by   bpharkins7
    I would say middle school... my mom is a RN and my uncle (her brother) is a general surgeon... it's just been going down the timeline haha. My mom has been the strongest woman I've known and I know she absolutely loves her career.. I've grown to want to do the same and become just like her strong willed self.
  9. by   july06
    I had an epiphany when I was 13. My nursing epiphany.
  10. by   SunshineDaisy
    I never really knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I threw a few ideas around and decided on psychology. I started school to work towards that, got married, had a few babies and it hit me when I was in the hospital with my last that nursing was where I was supposed to be. I ignored it a few times, cuz I'm stubborn and wanted to do psychology, ut it hit me full force then. I went back to school when she was 8 months old and now here I am, ready to graduate in 7 weeks!
  11. by   mskrisCNA2bRN
    I didn't know I wanted to be a nurse until my junior year of high school. I had always wanted to work I the medical field. When I was 5 my mom was in nursing school and as she was studying I was studying right along with her.

    My dad was navy so he was always out to sea and whenever he did call I would always explain to him what I had learned with mommy that week. (I think his proudest moment was when I explained to him how the heart worked lol.)

    anyways moving forward I was in my high school a&p class and went on a field trip to speak to a group of students in elementary to speak about being an anesthesiologist (my dream job at the time) and I heard a class mate speaking about becoming a nurse. I never new how much of an impact they had on people's lives. ( I didn't go to the hospital much as a child) right then and there I completely changed my mind about what it was that I wanted to be. I shadowed nurses and went on field trips my last 2 years of high school (it was an amazing experience)

    And now I'm done with prereqs and I'm starting nursing school next year and I am one excited girl. I'm finally making my dream a reality and i can't wait.
  12. by   besaangel
    My mom wanted me to be an anesthesiologist while my dad wanted me to be a lawyer. I couldn't tolerate the idea of medical school + residency nor would I be want to be liar (not saying thats all they do) and defend a wrong-doer. so I dabbled in the realm of CRNA, legal nurse consultant or PA.

    I was born at home; delivered by the first "official" mid-wife in Jamaica and my grand-aunt was a nurse. It was inevitable.

    Now I find out my mom wanted to do nursing versus teaching and both my cousins are also pursuing the same.

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  13. by   sesilia_chan
    I actually decided to be a nurse recently. I was working on my psychology degree, when one day me and my boyfriend started talking about our future plans and he made me realize that I should go for it. I always thought I wouldn't be good enough in chemistry and all those science classes because science is not my favorite subject, but I realized it's not that bad actually! I became more realistic, it's harder to find a job as a psychologist, than a nurse. Plus, nursing has to do with psychology as well. I think I made the best choice possible