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Do you remember when you wanted to become a nurse? Was it an event that caused your desire to become a nurse? Family? Or just information at the right time? Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends... Read More

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    My mom wanted me to be an anesthesiologist while my dad wanted me to be a lawyer. I couldn't tolerate the idea of medical school + residency nor would I be want to be liar (not saying thats all they do) and defend a wrong-doer. so I dabbled in the realm of CRNA, legal nurse consultant or PA.

    I was born at home; delivered by the first "official" mid-wife in Jamaica and my grand-aunt was a nurse. It was inevitable.

    Now I find out my mom wanted to do nursing versus teaching and both my cousins are also pursuing the same.

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    I actually decided to be a nurse recently. I was working on my psychology degree, when one day me and my boyfriend started talking about our future plans and he made me realize that I should go for it. I always thought I wouldn't be good enough in chemistry and all those science classes because science is not my favorite subject, but I realized it's not that bad actually! I became more realistic, it's harder to find a job as a psychologist, than a nurse. Plus, nursing has to do with psychology as well. I think I made the best choice possible

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