What's everyone taking next semester?

  1. Hey everyone, just wondering what everyone else was taking next semester. It'll be my second semester of nursing school, 6th semester of college.. I'm taking Pediatrics and Maternal-Newborn, split up in two 8-week sections, as far as nursing classes go, and Medical Microbiology.
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  3. by   smattles1of2
    This will be my first semester of nursing school. I'm taking:

    Adult Health 1 & Fundamentals
    Professional Nursing and Nursing Practice
    Health Assessment
  4. by   arciedee
    It'll be my 1st semester (direct-entry masters). We've got:

    Clinical Inquiry
    Pathophysiology and Pharmacology
    Health Assessment and Clinical Reasoning
    Collaborative Care I: Care of the Older Adult
    Discipline of Nursing
  5. by   RNfromMN
    Fourth (& final) semester:

    Nursing Managment & Professional Concepts
    Complex Health Alterations II
    Contemporary American Society
    Med-Surg Clinical
    Psych Clinical
  6. by   Lisa CCU RN
  7. by   TheCommuter
    This will be my second semester of RN prerequisites. I recently completed Sociology, Psychology, Human Growth & Development, and English 101.

    Next semester I will take A&P I, English 102, and Speech.
  8. by   OnTheRoad
    I am in second semester. I am taking....
    Med Surg
    Lifespan (human developement)
  9. by   decartes
    Community Health Nursing
    Clinical Capstone
    Healthcare Delivery Systems
  10. by   4-us-by-us
    Nursing 115 and pharmacology
  11. by   Megsd
    Nursing Research
    Nursing Informatics (grad level)
    Nursing Seminar
    Med/Surg 2 -- High Acuity
  12. by   SBUalum03
    and finally my Preceptorship
  13. by   PurrRN
    Second semester: Peds and OB
  14. by   Achoo!
    3rd semester

    Advanced skills
    Complex health alterations
    Mental health/community nursing
    Med/surg clinicals
    Psych clinicals