What does your countdown look like?

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    Here's mine:
    42 days until graduation
    33 days until the pinning ceremony
    6 more clinicals
    4 more papers
    2 more exams
    1 NCLEX-RN (because I have to be confident, right!?)
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    35 days until the semester ends
    12 more days of class
    6 exams
    4 papers
    4 days of clinical
    4 quizzes
    2 skills validations

    After that, 3 weeks before winter class starts which goes straight into spring semester with no breaks in between.
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    42 more days until pinning
    7 more class days
    9 more clinical days
    2 more exams
    1 validation
    1 final
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    69 days before this semester ends
    4 more quizzes
    1 midterm
    1 final
    6 more clinical days
    1 group project
    Then break before the next semester starts.
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    36 more days until the end of the semester
    7 more days until orientation
    2 more test
    1 more practical
    and 61 more days until i start my first nursing class

    over excited over here and krisiepoo congrats to you on everything.
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    47 days to semester end
    8 clinical days
    2 exams
    1 patho paper
    1 EBP paper
    1 final exam
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    Im done with r.n. school...NOVEMBER 25 2013!!!!!!!
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    18 days of class left (4 days of which are clinicals)
    3 more theory tests, including final
    2 more math for nurses tests, including final
    2 major projects

    The end of my 1st semester is in sight!
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    Quote from MsKris_CarolinaGirl
    over excited over here and krisiepoo congrats to you on everything.
    I'm bursting at the seams too, thanks!
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    I wish I was back in school, can I reverse the countdown? lol
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