What do you use for note-taking? (technology-wise)

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    Hello, I am finding in my final pre-reqs (pharmacology for example) that the instructors largely lecture off of PowerPoints. So far I have been using my tablet (a hacked HP touch pad not optimized for android, but working none the less, but kind of killing the battery.) I use an app, EZPdf Reader to annotate the PPs as PDFs.

    It's OK. I am wondering if there is anything else out there that you find to work better? I plan on getting either an iPad Mini or a new Samsung Note 8.0 (coming out soon.) I am not the fastest typist, so I like being able to just scribble my notes in my own handwriting. so I guess my questions are:

    • Do you or classmates use a tablet for note taking?
    • Are the bulk of your lectures taught with PPs?
    • Are there any apps or tablets that you might recommend?
    • What do you take notes with while at clinical?

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    I have an Ipad mini I use in class, but I haven't found the perfect app for powerpoint notes. I usually copy/paste all the text from the pps into Pages and highlight/bold/underline key points and add my own notes to them.
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    I use a laptop.

    I love Evernote. I have a 'note' for each topic and I can stick powerpoints, word docs, and PDFs in there for easy viewing when I'm reviewing. I'm attaching a image so that you can get a good visual.

    This is a part of a Pharmacology note. Notice that the instructor's power point is at the beginning of that chapter's notes.
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    My class is required to have laptops in class so it limited my options.

    If you have a Mac, Preview actually annotates PDFs pretty easily by clicking on the pencil button on the top bar. Not full-featured, but works well enough without installing anything on your computer.

    Our instructors do not use Powerpoints in class, but may post some online before class. (They facilitate group work. Lots of it. You come to class with at least a basic understanding, and they help you 'put it together.')
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    Hi Julieface,
    I hear PDF Expert is good for the iPad. You can convert your PPs to PDFs, and then annotate by "handwriting" or typing. How do you like the mini? Does the size bother you for reading? How is the battery life?
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    Hi Miiki,
    I do have a Mac, and love that I can easily convert PPs to PDFs using the print function. So quick! My problem is I like to have the slides integrated into what I am studying, and being able to write directly on them. It can get overwhelming having various books out, plus computer out for PPs, plus handwritten notes to link it all together. I am a visual learner and tend to remember images, so having my notes "right there" helps me.
    Good to hear that you don't use PPs in class. My Pharm instructor uses them exclusively (and our book is really only supplemental for the little bit she doesn't cover.) I'm just a slow typist and would feel really bad if my laptop got swiped!
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    Hi all,

    I am a laptop girl myself. I am not a fan of studying off of powerpoints, but instead type everything in the ppts out and then add in my lecture notes and book notes into that same doc so I have everything in one place. Helped me on pharm.
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    I use my ipad, I use adobe to view their powerpoints and then I can take notes directly on the powerpoint. It is much more efficient than handwriting notes. I've started to get pretty good with the virtual keyboard too. But damn that autocorrect!
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    I use an iPad and Notability. I can download the PPs to the app and covert them into PDF and annotate them that way.

    Ether that or I print them 3 to a slide with lines for notes and pen and paper it.
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    I use an iPad with a few apps: Docstogo (like Micro office and can edit PPs or add notes to them), studyblue (file sharing from past students), iHomework (for assignment/class schedule), cloudOn (to backup/store docs in case) and more recently, I got the Dragon dictation to be able to easily add notes without typing (flows more easily to me)

    I just despise writing because after a page, my hands a aching and the teacher aint gonna stop talking for me to rest for a minute.

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