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I have been going through all these posts to find what items are the best things to have for nursing school. The posts are all scattered so I thought I would start a post that will contain all the... Read More

  1. by   nsgstudentinthe254
    The things that have helped me most are my comfortable shoes. I just got a pair of CROCs at the mall. They are only about $35.00, and they feel like you are walking on gel. Just make sure that your program allows you to wear them, they are a clog style with a strap over the back heel. My stethoscope is also something that i can't live without. I just have a cheap 30.00 stethoscope, but i wouldn't invest in something really expensive until you have the knowledge that it takes to know what you're actually listening to. It takes a couple of semesters to figure what is really normal. I loved my NANDA boof for the first couple of semesters to help with care plans.
  2. by   bjb_wyo
    Good luck with nursing school! I graduate in May.

    For overall: a calendar/organizer (I got the school year kind run from Aug to June.) Write down every class, clinical time, tests. Fill this out from your syllabus/class calendar. Then keep changing as things change.

    School supplies as mentioned-notebook, 3-hole punch, highlighters.

    For clinicals: a good drug reference, book or PDA.
    a little notebook for your pocket-to make assessment notes, patient info notes for care plans, med notes
    sharpies, black retractable pens, bandage scissors
    the best stethoscope you can afford (as a student it is hard to hear those lung and heart sounds!)
    books depend on your program but I like "Nursing Diagnosis Reference Manual" really helped with care plans.
  3. by   lvs2nrs3535
    Nsgstudent in the 253,
    When I struggled through my phamaceutical calcualations class, (math is definatiely not my strong point,) I went to my school, and there was a student help class that helped tremendously. Most colleges offer this help. It may be worth your time to check it out. Took extra work and stress, but I made it through with a B. At SMCC in Maine it was the student help services. Maybe it would be worth your time to check it out. I do not know about your college, but there are yearly checks on your math skills at mine. Very very difficult, but dont forget, in the real world, you can use a calculator,, and /or very important, if you are not sure, ask a more experienced nurse to double check you calculations! Of course, there are some more receptive than others, but if you are in nursing, you can judge and tell the ones that want to help, as opposes to the ones that want to be left alone.
    Kristy B
  4. by   I KRISCOCHO I
    what i found helpful were index cards. i don't really take notes during theory but i do jot down on them key points my instructor tell us. i also jot down quick notes when i read on my own. or points i have a hard time remembering. you can punch a hole in the upper right corner in which you can bind all your cards together. in this way, you can carry them wherever you go.
  5. by   kms1978
    Quote from cardiacRN2006
    I take all my books to kinkos and have them debinded. Then I take them in my small 3 ring folder. I organize the chapters with the notes, and I highlight anything that the teacher says in the book while she is saying it. Our notes are on CD so I already have them printed out. No painful backpack

    This is a great idea! I never would have thought to do this, but it makes so much sense! Thank you!
  6. by   babysRusRN
    Hello. I hope this helps anyone starting nursing school. I start school this year and have been asking for all kinds of advice. I read the previous replies and they were great. I wanted to add some to it to help. I have been told these things will help me.
    1-palm pilot (you can download the pharmacuticals from the internet to the palm pilot and use during clinicals to look up rx info.
    2-a good stethoscope that will include adult and pediatric end (Litman has good prices and student discounts as well as free student cd's with hear sounds)
    3-Berkenstock shoes are really comfortable (arch support, wish crocs came in full shoes because they are the best)
    4-braco, peaches, and crest are durable scrubs to wear and most places offer a student discount
    5-digital watch with seconds display or second hand
    That's all I can think of right now. Hope this helps
  7. by   DarlinNurseRed
    A pack of mints so you can offer one to that instructor with the horrible chronic halitosis since you can't chew gum.

    I was reading a book by Mr. Roger's once, (of Mr. Roger's neighborhood)
    and one of his quotes was,
    "Anytime you are offered a Cert, take it."
  8. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Quote from darlinred
    I was reading a book by Mr. Roger's once, (of Mr. Roger's neighborhood)
    and one of his quotes was,
    "Anytime you are offered a Cert, take it."
    No doubt!
  9. by   akira72
    Quote from Fun2Care
    No doubt!
    Definitely:spin: take the mint

    I think also it's a good idea to have a good study group. The group can look over one anothers care plans, and encourage and help each other. Especially with all the due dates in school, its good to have people to remind you.
  10. by   elizabells
    This might not be a popular opinion, but in regards to careplan books...

    I didn't buy one. I did every careplan by myself. It sucked, hard. But by the end, I was much more up on nursing dx than many of my classmates. Great for when instructors and preceptors ask you questions. I know doing careplans is torture, and you never really need to know how to do them after school, but I really feel like doing them the hard way benefitted me.
  11. by   QTMedic4life
    :::: have the templates for the care plans & meds, saved all my care plans, wish I had saved all my meds, too. The care plans have saved me a TON of time, seriously, we know the interventions, and how many times do you need to type out risk of constipation r/t medications? Cut and paste is wonderful.
    I also agree with lots of liquor, just be careful, you dont want to add 'ineffective coping' to your own personal care plan.

    62 days to Graduation.....:hatparty:

    Great advice on this thread, by the way.:::

    I am going to make a program with a drop down menu or the kind where you just click the little box.... God I love my computer and having tons of free time while knowing how to make programs and stuff!! If any of you have the templates for care plans or med sheets that you use can you please pm me cause I would LOVE a copy of the different kinds as I am new to nursing but want to start my program so it will be useful and i can convert it to PDA format when I am done with my nursing studies. Thanks a ton ~J~
  12. by   MMARN
    YOU NEED SLEEP!!!!!!
    That's THE biggest item you need for nursing school. Sleep and patience and strength.
  13. by   elizabells
    Quote from Mave
    YOU NEED SLEEP!!!!!!
    That's THE biggest item you need for nursing school. Sleep and patience and strength.
    I think I've heard about this sleep thing...

    Oh, right, that's what happens when they make us go to Physician Grand Rounds...