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So I'm a curly girl (very). I'll soon be starting clinicals and would like to avoid even having this discussion with my professors unless I have to. As many curly haired people know, there is a fine line (often dictated by a... Read More

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    I'm black and have a dense kinky afro. Because how curly my hair is I only really need to wash it about 3 times a week, and when I do I often do it in the evenings. So just echoing what several other people have said, it could be helpful to cut down on washing your hair everyday if that's what you do, and washing your hair at the end of the day.

    and just a tip, I hate blow-drying but sometimes don't wanna wait to air dry, so I invested in a microfiber towel. I was a little skeptical at first but a good microfiber tower really sucks a lot of the water out of your hair fast!

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    When I was in school, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, we had to have our hair off our collars....no pony tails allowed. AND we had caps. I had long curly hair. I'd put it in a bun on the top of my head and bobby pin it. Then I'd pin on my cap. It was good for a few hours, then it started to 'un-bun' and my cap would lift off my head. The doctors loved to laugh at me.These days, I ask the nurses who work for me to pull their hair back. And none of them would think of coming to work with wet hair.
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    Curly hair will always be "in" for me. Its what my hair is naturally and I love it. The longer, the more work, but I wouldn't have it any other way. OP, just be prepared to budget your time as you grow it out during nursing school
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    I don't have curly hair but I have very thick wavy hair that takes forever to dry. I haven't had the time or energy to blow dry it since 2006 or so. I've either gone to work with it wet and pulled back or unwashed every day for my entire professional career (7-8 years). No one has ever said anything to me about it and I've even gone to job interviews with wet hair (pulled back). So I don't think it's a big deal at all. Since your hair isn't long enough to pull into a ponytail/bun, I would just style it with mousse or however you normally do it, and wear a headband. Just make sure it's not dripping wet and I doubt anyone would even notice.
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    I think really curly hair looks different wet than non curly hair. As long as it's not dripping, it just looks heavily jelled to me.
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    A word of caution for those with long hair put wet into a bun all the time: I once had a student that got a fungal infection of the scalp from the wet hair. A bit like trench foot only in the center of the bun. Make sure you get air into the hair at least once in a while. If you are going to work with wet hair, putting it up in a bun and working all day it seems like a 15 hour wet head is likely. Do that a few days in a row and you could easily be heading for issues involving wet scalp.

    I use to wash my hair, go to work with it wet, take it down during break, brush it out and put it back up. never had any issues raised to me nor did I have wet head issues. For what it is worth: I had another student that always wore a wig so she did not have to worry about her hair getting dirty at work. She just cleaned the wigs.
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    Oh I feel your pain. I have spiral ringlet curls, and my natural haircolour is a white/ashy blonde (I dye it black). What I do, mostly since I like it better, is straighten it. Then, since I live up north, land of freak snowstorms that would make the vikings cry for mommy, I either overload on hairspray, or put my hair up in a hood, scarf, or hat. It saves you from looking like medusa.
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    I can't blow dry my hair. It's damp when I get to work and I don't care. I usually pull it into a ponytail and no big deal.
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    man oh man i know how u feel!!! gaving natrually curly thick hair is a blessing and a pain!!! i plan to let it air dry and wear it pinned up or in a ponytail because the last thing id wanna do it fling my wet moosued up hair in a patient, classmate, or my own face while starting an iv!!! i know it sucks... but i think ponytail holders will have to be our best friends in clinicals!!
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    I don't have too many hair problems, but when it was a bit long, I had ~ 30 commute. I would turn the car vents/heater up full blast and aim it @ my head. Also used a wide toothed comb and brush to keep redistributing the water. It still wasn't dry when I got there, but it was dry enough to "put up".

    I think hair bands are the way to go. jmo

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