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  1. I honestly don't think that's true. I just started nursing school myself, and I'm 17. The youngest person in my class too. Then again, I live in Canada.
  2. Weight gain?

    I find this will probably make me LOSE weight. I'm not eating as much as I did at home, and I'm actually much more active as I have to walk everywhere. That, and I'm one of those types who's hypersensitive about body image.
  3. What is it with nurses and cell phones? Just a vent.

    Some students keep their phone in their pocket, on vibrate. And only answer when the instructor ISN'T talking. Would you deduct say 5% of a students grade if you passed by close enough to hear it vibrating in their pocket or bag?
  4. What is it with nurses and cell phones? Just a vent.

    Actually, due to extremely LONG wait times in Canadian ER's, I was using mine to keep in contact with loved ones who were worried. That, and when I was the only person in there at 9 o clock at night, and was made to wait three hours just to have my v...
  5. I need to vent

    A week after starting school, I'm already having problems. Why? I HAVE NO DAMN MONEY! The school bookstore only had TWO used copies of books. Why should ONE book that is 200 pages long cost two hundred dollars?! I'm not on financial assistance. I can...
  6. I'm a nursing student, but my hate goes off to them too. I could NEVER handle the burn unit. I actually faint at the sight of third degree burns. ._. Full body charring? Worst thing that could ever happen to someone in my honest opinion.
  7. Incompetent Supervisors

    I'm sorry to hear that. With what you've done in the military, I'm surprised you don't have job offers lefts and right. I'll echo what others have said, and say that you probably should sue this supervisor. But aside from that, maybe stress your mili...
  8. Flu Vaccine, enough already!

    Herd immunity does nothing for contaminated surfaces. Are you going to systemically disinfect EVERYTHING someone may touch, including banknotes? Mass disinfection has also been shown to speed up the evolution of superbugs.
  9. Flu Vaccine, enough already!

    I agree 110%. It takes a lot to make me get a shot that I KNOW will make me feel ill rather than negate the risk of maybe feeling Ill.
  10. Flu Vaccine, enough already!

    I misspoke on that I suppose. But I do believe the vast majority of healthy individuals don't particularly need a flu shot. If you're not elderly or immune compromised, yeah you'll feel like garbage but the flus not usually a matter of life or death.
  11. Flu Vaccine, enough already!

    Didn't say it did, did I?
  12. Another slightly silly question re: supplies

    I've got a Cheshire cat t shirt. It's adorable. I agree with everyone else, do what makes you happy. My teachers already told my mum they don't care what I look like as long as I do my homework. Lol I agree that you should get a feel for the teachers...
  13. Another slightly silly question re: supplies

    I dress like I walked out of a Dracula movie, but I have a weakness for hello kitty. Ive actually been searching for a hello kitty messenger bag to keep my laptop in. Or even better a nightmare before Christmas one to go with my purse :0. Whatever ma...
  14. Flu Vaccine, enough already!

    They're requiring the flu vaccine for by BSN program. I am against the flu vaccine. For one thing, it's last years strain. Completely useless against this years, you will still get the flu unless you time travel. Secondly, I react badly to ANY shot I...
  15. Are you a nurse with "alternative" spiritual beliefs?

    I'm a wiccan and actually just starting a BSN program next week. I never take my pentacle off really. I live in a very small town, and used to take quite a bit of grief. Since I'm still up north, I do worry that I may take grief from other students o...