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It seem's like everyone is always telling me which semester is the "weeding out" semester. And everyone has a different opinion of which that is. So, I'm curious to know what the masses think. IS... Read More

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    Personally I think that should come when choosing from applicants and after that students should be encouraged to succeed. Anyhow, my program I would say from Junior year on is pretty difficult and gets increasingly difficult until you are done. We have not lost many.
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    For my program the weeding out semester is first and second semesters. We started out with 60 and we are graduating with 34. So that says alot about this program. It's sad they do that but that's how they do it. In all actuality some of the ones weeded out would make awesome nurses and the ones who stayed are good students as far as grades but know diddly as far as clinical. Its a risk programs take to keep their NCLEX scores up I believe.
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    I am just going to relax, do my work, and tune out horror stories when I start nursing school in January. What is difficult for one person may not be difficult for another. I find that if I go into something with a negative attitude, it usually turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy.
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    Quote from nguyency77
    I am just going to relax, do my work, and tune out horror stories when I start nursing school in January. What is difficult for one person may not be difficult for another. I find that if I go into something with a negative attitude, it usually turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy.
    that is definitely the way to go. I went into nursing school prepared to work hard and I'm doing fine. it's all about your attitude. have fun in nursing school!!!
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    Quote from kaydensmom
    The third semester!! Yes 1 and 2 were hard but nothing like the third. We started with 80 and lost 20 in the first 10 in the second and 32 in the third, all but 2 were due to grades. They said that only one or 2 will fail the final semester. We kept thinking that it wouldn't get harder, but it certainly did. In no way was per-Reqs like weeding out in nursing program in my experience.
    so you started with 80 and are down to 18 .. that is crazy
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    In my case, I just hit my "weeding out" point. I was in 3rd Semester at my school and failed clinical on my last day for the semester. I did very well in 1st, had a rough patch in OB and MedSurg during 2nd, got those issues worked out, then did well in 3rd up until the MedSurg rotation. I had some nagging issues that just kept me on my instructor's radar for the whole time. Not that there was any actual patient care problems, but certainly a couple of issues that needed more work to correct than we had the time to this semester. I will finish the process a much stronger nurse and far more ready to go to work when I graduate.

    At my program, weeding happens in all semesters. I believe that I'm the only one that got weeded clinically this semester, though we may get a couple from academics in a week or so, when the semester ends.
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    3rd quarter at my school was known as the weeding out quarter. Mainly because of pharmacology. I passed pharm without difficulty and really struggled with the supposed easiest quarter, summer. I struggled bc I really like to read on information over and over and let it sink in. during the summer we only had a wk per unit which made it rough on me. I almost didn't pass but I did, thank the lord.
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    I don't think we had a weeding out semester per say... I think we had a huge loss of students in our 3rd block, we lost about 15. Although in the group before us they lost 20 in their 4th block (We only have 4) I think it's just hit or miss with the group you get.
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    I think for my LPN schooling it was the first semester. For my RN program (while I didn't have to take the 1st year nursing classes) my cohorts said they lost a huge number in the first semester (nursing funds), the 1st class of the 2nd year (semester was divided between 2 classes) we lost a big number to one particular class.

    So I'm going with (for a 2 yr program) 1st and 3rd semester.
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    I start the nursing program "proper" at my school in Jan. So I can't say what, if any, semester in nursing school is the weed out one. However, my A&P I instructor said that he was the "gate keeper" for entrance into the nursing school, implying that his class was the "weed out class". I also know that I applied for the nursing program before I finished that first A&P class, and was turned down. I re-applied after finishing (with and A ) and got in.
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    I think that depends on the school (I think someone else said that on the first page). Now that I'm about to graduate, I think our second to last semester is the one that kills people. At our school, mental health is ridiculous. Who's genius idea was it to put mental health and adult health II together? They're so different.

    I've heard from family friends that at her school, pedi was ridiculously hard because her teacher was crazy.
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    I've heard that for my program the 1st and 3rd semesters are the hardest. Also, it's a competative entry program (vs wait list), so prerequisites and the entrance exam do the majority of the weeding. There were only 20 people in my cohort to begin.
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    Apparently every semester at my school is a "weeding out" semester. My cohort loses 5-6 a semester it seems. The new semester ones lost 16. Not sure how many of those are going to try and repeat or just give up.