Want to quit nursing school with 9 months left

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    I have a big problem. Basically I'm in my 4th semester out of 5 and I want to quit my nursing program. It's a long story but basically I never even wanted to be a nurse or apply to the program. I only did because my parents and family kept urging me to do so. From the very first day of class I knew that nursing wasn't for me...well actually I felt this way before applying to nursing school. I am very shy/quiet, I have a fear of seeing, hearing, smelling vomit, and I am not a people person. I am severely depressed. I cry every night just about. I have been this way since the beginning of the program. I am so unhappy and I dread everyday of school, especially clinicals. Clinicals is the worst part of the program. I begged and begged my parents early on to let me pursue another major but they said that's not an option for me. I feel so trapped. I was paying for my own education 1st semester but ended up taking out loans 2nd semester onward. I feel mentally sick and pure miserable. I have zero motivation. I was barely getting by anyways...I've failed or barely passed every test we've had thus far. The only reason I passed was all the assignments/projects/quizzes gave me a boost. Guys what should I do? I have even had thoughts of suicide I am just so depressed. I need some help. What would you do?

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    First of all, get some help. Depression and suicidal thoughts are nothing to ignore. Secondly, if you are paying for your own education and are an adult why are you allowing your parents to pressure you into staying in a field you hate. I really think you need to find some professional help you figure out what steps you need to take to make it better.

    Big hugs to you!
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    I would seek help for the depression. Some questions: If you were paying for your own tuition, why did your parents have a say in what major you chose? Aren't you an adult? Nursing school is hard, I can't imagine doing it without wanting to.
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    Suicide is not the answer. PLEASE don't do it!!! Stand up to your family. This is your life. Also if I were you I would finish school and find an area of nursing that you would like. There are sooooo many options with nursing. You could be one of the nurses that answers the phone on a nurse hotline. You don't have to set foot in a hospital. There's so many positions to choose from.
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    First take a deep breath. I was in your same shoes with the suicide thing, I can tell you from experience that you really don't want to die, you want to escape from what's making you miserable. If nursing isn't for you than, you can always opt out. Your parents would rather you do that then kill yourself.

    Also, taking a break from it may help you out mentally. It may give you the much needed time to realize what you may see yourself doing in life. Nursing is challenging and it requires your attention, what good will you be to anyone if your heart isn't in it. Also, NCLEX is depending on you to accurately answer those questions.

    Personally I would cry and keep pushing. Not cry and quit. Your too damn close to give up, you should have done that in the second quarter. If I were you I would either take a break or hack it out and get that degree. No one says you have to work as a staff nurse.

    You don't have to be religious to ask God for guidance and to lead your footsteps during this trying time.
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    You need to seek some help. Really. Satisfying your parents' wishes is no reason to sacrifice your own happiness, especially if it is making you want to kill yourself.
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    If your parents weren't helping pay for your college, why didn't you change your major to something you liked?

    Since you're almost done and took out loans you might as well finish nursing school. Look on the bright side, you'll graduate and be able to get a good paying job in which you can save up money to do/become whatever you want in life and get out of the nursing field in the future.

    Patience is a virtue.
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    I'm so sorry you're feeling this way, that's awful .... normally my knee-jerk response to "I'm almost done and I want to quit!" posts is "noooooo, you're SO CLOSE just finish!!" but in this case it just might not be worth it if it's taking this much of a toll. If nursing's not for you, then it's not for you. Since you're (presumably) an adult and paying for your own education there is absolutely nothing wrong with deciding to completely change your career trajectory.

    Alternatively, would taking a leave of absence from your program be a possibility? Mine lets students leave for medical reasons (and it definitely seems like you could use a break for your mental health) and gives them a chance to jump back in the following school year. If it's at all possible this might be a great way for you to take some time to really consider what you want to do (or not do) with nursing without the stress of actually dealing with being in the program.
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    First, you need to get some help.

    Your parents don't get to dictate your life once you are an adult. If you are paying your own way through school then you are the one who should be deciding what your major will be. If you hate nursing school this much you will probably hate being a nurse just as much and I see nothing wrong with realizing this before you start.
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    Check with your school counselor. They should have some type of counseling for their students.
    I have been there...wondering if you can survive the next 5 minutes.
    Please find someone who will listen and help you. You are worth it!
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