tucking scrub pants in shoes

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    sup dudes n dudettes,

    the nursing school struggle is real. so much reading to do, but i'm trying to stay positive n picture what it'll be like to finally be an rn.

    anyway, got a practical coming up soon n i'm planning on tucking my scrub pants into my shoes. i'm prob gonna do it regardless of what y'all say (lol), but i'm curious as to what your opinions are on the subject.

    study hard. peace.

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    Uh? Tucking pants inside shoes? What is the purpose of that?

    Just curious.
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    well the shoes that i got are hi-tops, so the natural thing for me to do would be to tuck them scrubs in. simply put, i guess it's just a form of self stylespression.
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    Quote from martina238612
    Uh? Tucking pants inside shoes? What is the purpose of that?

    Just curious.
    What???? I'm a little curious too.

    Anne, RNC
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    I prefer to wear mine out not tucked
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    lol. thanks for the responses. this site is quite interesting, but i need to finish my readings. looking forward to future dialogue. peace.
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    You could get the old type scrubs we used to wear with the stretchy like cuff things (I'm awful at explaining things) at the bottom of the leg. They could easily be stuffed into the shoes and wouldn't look so weird, lol.
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    Just be prepared for your clinical instructor to tell you to untuck them. Regardless of your personal style, you have to dress appropriately, in accordance with the dress code. I'm not saying it's definitely going to happen, but it is certainly likely.
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    agree with Sporanokids --- would never fly at my school.
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    My school wouldn't even allow hi tops. So I guess a school that allows hi tops might be okay with tucking them in. If you don't know that they definitely allow hi tops, I would leave them untucked
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