Too many books, very little dorm...

  1. Hey everyone! Happy New Year! I am a 2nd semester (yay for that!) junior nursing student who is (unfortunately) living in a 12'X15' space with another person. I need some ideas as to where to put my first semester books, as I was told to keep them for subsequent semesters. I have about 7 books from last semester and more coming for this semester! Any ideas?

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  3. by   mz.snuggly1
    Under you bed.
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    Love. This. Idea. Thanks for sharing!
  6. by   strawberryluv
    I would sell them. Actually, or rent them if I was living in a small space. I don't know most of the stuff
    you can get online once you're a real nurse so I don't find a need to keep any of my books.

    For real...just rent your books for the semester and then mail it BACK. There
    is no reason to keep any books if you have the internet.
  7. by   NightNerd
    I respectfully disagree with jngo, especially if you're like me and want your knowledge on paper. I would definitely hang onto them. I'm assuming that since you're in a dorm, you can't hang any shelves, sooooooo that makes it difficult. I would find a storage unit of some sort that you could keep under your bed (as fancy as a shelved unit or as basic as a cardboard box). If you have extra room in your closet and won't need to access them readily at all times, see if you can reserve a shelf for them there. It would help to know what restrictions/assets you have in the space.