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..but google has failed to answer it, or either my googling skills are off today. As nurses, will we be taught to use otoscopes to check for ear infections and such? Or is that out of the scope... Read More

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    we were told to know what they are but not to worry about them because it was an advanced assessment
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    The only thing I use an otoscope for is to check on the status of the ear wax ball that I'm trying to flush out.
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    Quote from Kdavina
    we were told to know what they are but not to worry about them because it was an advanced assessment
    Advanced assessment? An otoscope? about "dumbing down" the RN.

    You really don't use it much at the bedside.....but there are areas, like the ED, that it is used by nurses more often.
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    I am a PN and we learned how to use them in school.I have used one in the hospital where I work.
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    Glad to have found this thread.

    Do any of you seasoned nurses have anything to add about whether or not you use an otoscope in your practice?
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    I work on a tele floor and have never had to use an otoscope. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but unless you specialize or work at a doctor's office you will never use one.
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    We learned how to use them for our health assessment course. We also used them when we were doing physical assessments at a local elementary school. It's crazy what a child will stick in their ears!
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    We didn't learn in nursing school but were told if you have a chance to use one to go for it! I actually own one and use it on my kids weekly. They think it's funny when I say stuff like "no wonder you don't listen to me, all that wax in your ears makes it hard to hear"
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    I recently did a school nurse rotation and I told her (the school nurse) that it was the first time I actually saw an RN use an otoscope. She used it for every kiddo (I was at an elementary school) who came in with an earache, then she used it to check tonsils for those with sore throats. It was an invaluable part of her assessment on the children.
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    I don't use it as an RN, and was never taught how in nursing school. However in a graduate level assessment class I learned how. I work inpatient and have seen them used in peds and the ER but normally it is the doctors using them
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    You can get inexpensive ones to use at home, especially useful for the kid who gets otitis media frequently, and for the ever-present foreign body risk.

    ::sing along with the immortal Pete Seeger:: "My mama said not to put beans in my ears, beans in my ears, beans in my ears ..."