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This is your brain on nursing...

  1. This is your brain on nursing... - Image ID: 13998
  2. 42 Nursing is hard - it's overwhelming - it's complicating - it's stressful - it can FRY your BRAIN!!!! bruhahahahaha...

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    lol....tats exactly how i feel right now!
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    Know what you mean by brain-fry.......I just tried to post an article in the Nursing Humor section and somehow blundered into the wrong area. Again. Bleh.
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    That's me whenever I'm studying for a&p!
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    Still pertains to after graduating and actually trying to learn the job.Need more cartoons.Thank you for outloud laugh!
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    LOL -except I still feel like that some days after work!
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    I just got home from work and I started feeling like that around 3 a.m. lol
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    Doing a one-year accelerated RN option, that's me every day.
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    u will feel worse when u take your NCLEX lol
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    OY I feel brain dead 24/7.
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    Ikr! ... its worst than that taking the NCLEX ...
    my brain now is more of like a kettle 2x ... smashed with hard hammer
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    I am hopefully going to be in an accelerated program by summer ' this really what i have to look forward too??? maybe i'll just take my batteries out of the smoke detectors now hahaha
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    Exactly how I feel. LOL