Is there a point in celebrating holidays in nursing school?

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    Just wondering if other nursing students are celebrating the holidays, like thanksgiving. I don't really see the point when I just have to go back to studying anyways. I HATE studying being the priority that dictates everything in my life!!!!!

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    Yes, with four days off I've done lots of celebrating with family and have time to work on a paper and study today.
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    Yes. We get the entire week off from school. But our homework load is nearly triple compared to what it usually is.
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    I have been enjoying the holidays for the most part, thanks to some advice from thatguy.... I did very light skimming over ppts and that was about it. Monday I will start again...
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    Yep. I took yesterday off, did no studying, just hung out with my family. Today I am writing a paper. I also have 2 tests to study for!
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    You should try and enjoy your holidays and time off from school. I know you are stressed and overwhelmed right now. Find that time to relax.
    If you plan on working in a will be very lucky to get a holiday off. You will miss your family even more.
    Hang in there!! This too shall end.
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    I have my last test before the final on Monday, and a large research paper due next week. Worked every other day, so my "time off" has mostly been studying.
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    I lucked out in the sense that I had 2 tests one on Monday & one on Tuesday. No classes Wed-Friday. The only thing I have to worry about doing is something for my online Ethics class this weekend.
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    im trying to write a paper, but with 4 days off and family visiting. you can imagine a lot of it is getting done
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    You need to relax and live life. I have a gigantic community health project and presentation due Tuesday afternoon and have done next to nothing. I know me. It'll get the last minute, and that's what I prefer rather than waste life attending to trivial assignments. Enjoy what you have before you. You may not get a second chance.

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