Is there anybody out there doing well in nursing school?

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    It seems as though everyone is barely passing...

    I don't see how it can be that hard?! I don't wanna mess up my GPA either because I got plans for after nursing school.

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    I consider myself doing well. I am in my very last class and so far have made all A's and B's(my B's were almost A's). I am in crtical care right now, fairly certain I will pull a C for the first time, possibly a low B.
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    There are alot of people in my class that were "barely passing", but fortunately I was never one of them. I didn't feel like I struggled at all in nursing school, but still ended up with high B's in most of my nursing classes and not the A's that I wanted. I had a 4.0 before beginning, I literally had a 100% in a&p, chem, and organic chem w/o any extra credit. I love science and math. When I started nursing classes I hated it b/c while it does entail science in math, it is completely different. It took me until the end to actually like nursing. I really did see most students counting the points that they need to pass, but don't fret b/c I never needed to do that and there were several other students that I know didn't need to do that either. It really depends on what kind of test taker you are in my opinion.
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    Getting a good GPA through nursing school is doable! It all comes down to the amount of work you're willing to put in. I went in w a 4.0, and still had a 3.9 after. Good luck! =)
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    It is very possible to do well in nursing school. I am in my fourth semester and have received all A's throughout nursing school. I find the people that are barely passing are the ones that do assignments the night before, hardly study, etc. With time and effort, you can definitely maintain a good GPA throughout NS.
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    I was a 4.0 student before nursing school. I have maintained straight B's through nursing school. I've taken Foundations of Nursing, Adult Health One and Two, Pharmacology, and Mental Health. I am about to start my fourth semester (there is a total of five in my program).

    I think the most difficult part of nursing school compared to pre-requisite classes is the testing style. You can't memorize things. You must learn the concepts, understand them, and then apply them to clinical scenarios. It takes critical thinking, which takes time to develop. I don't fully agree with Danielle11. I realize that a lot of students barely pass, related to lack of studying, but some of those students try really hard and don't understand everything. People learn at different paces. Nursing school is a very short time period to learn as much as we need to know, and some students may fall behind. I think it is beneficial for those students to retake the courses, because usually a second go-round will strike "the lightbulb."
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    It's terrific everyone wants A's in nursing school but it means little if the knowledge you are storing makes sense and you can apply it. I did ok in my associates program 30 yrs ago. I went on to get my BSN, MSN and NP post masters certificate. I was a good student but not a A student in my early years. A patient will never ask for the nurse who had A's in school but the nurse that could truly take care of them and knew what they are doing. Stop being hard on yourselves.
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    I agree lmccrn62! Just because you can make the grade doesn't mean you will be a good nurse. You can have a 4.0 and not have any qualities a nurse should possess (i.e. empathy, compassion, understanding, etc.).
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    I have gotten all B's in nursing school. I consider myself doing well. Most of the B's were almost A's (would have been if we had a regular grading system where 90 and above was an A!). I don't beat myself up over my B's. I still have a pretty good GPA. And from what my instructors, other students and nurses have said, I will make an excellent nurse. I'm not worried about A's.
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    I got all Bs also (unless I pull off some serious scores on my two last tests this semester). I came in with a 4.0, and, if I get this B, will end my first year with a 3.53. Yes, it's harder than prereqs. I know everyone can seem all doom and gloom here, but the fact of the matter is, prereqs were a joke compared to actual nursing school. Just be prepared, work hard, and I'm sure you'll do fine.
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