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Hi, I will be starting classes in the fall at my local CC to prepare for admission to Nursing School and was wondering if taking both Biology & Chemistry during the same semester is wise? I have taken all Science courses... Read More

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    if it is possible to take one then the other i would do that. i spaced my classes out to where i took a year to get all these classes out of the way. (except or micro. i have not taken it yet) this fall i will begin the nursing classes. but if you need to get them done asap, my advice would to set aside alot i mean alot of study time. best of luck to ya.

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    Hello again,

    I have DEFINITELY decided to take the Biology class 1st then....Chem. in Jan. I thank everyone who provided me w/great insight as to what would be the best plan to follow. My hat goes off to all who were able to take A & P courses along w/ Chem. and Micro, how amazing esp. being able to attain such good grades in the courses! I know I will have my hands full w/ Algebra & Biology. I wish everyone much success in their upcoming course sessions & semesters. Thanks again!

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    If only I had know that Bio and Chem would be one of the more "easier" courses. I have one more year left so I have been thru all of the patho's, the A&P"s the Med-Surg and peds, etc. SO looking back those classes were a breeze compared to what you have to look forward too. I say go for it!
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    At UT it was required that before you could take biology you had to take chemistry. I think that this is a good idea because molecular biology (which is what the 1st semester of biology is) has tons of chemistry in it. I have a bachelors in molecular biology, so if you want my advice, take chemistry first and then biology. Good luck.
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    I was talking to my 16yr. old niece who is in Honors Chem. now in HS and her teacher said that ideally Chem. should be taken first then Biology because Bio stems from what you learned in Chem. as what the last poster said. I really am nervous though because I need to take a Math coure(s) too because it has been a LONG time since I've been in college. I just don't know what to do now :uhoh21: I hear conflicting opinions and I really want to do well in BOTH courses. Help!
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    No, but it's tough. The problem are the labs -- they can last up to 4 hours each week, each class. Take no more than 2 lab classes each semester, or your grades will likely suffer.
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    You can take them together, it is alot of hard work though. My first semester in I took A&P II (backwards, I took II first, was very tough), Chemistry, Psych and Sociology + I worked. It can be done & you can do well in them. Of course, I was a little mentally ill after the semester was over (ha ha ha), but survived. Only you know how much you can handle; be prepared to spend a lot of time in the lab!
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    i'll be taking bio 2 and chem 2 at the same time...
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    Well of course it can be done. All depends on how hard you want to suffer for it, lol. I tried to space all my "hard" classes out so I was only doing one hard class a term and then adding something like sociology or writing or psych etc.. with it. Occasionally I would suck it up and take a term with more than one of what I define as difficult classes (Organic Chem and Statistics for example) but I tried not to do that often. Of course I went to school part-time and had the option of dragging things out a little. I've seen others take it on and excel tho. One of my friends is doing Biochem, Statistics and Micro this term. Just depends on your work/family situation and the amount of time you have to commit. Just make no mistake about it: Chem and Bio will most likely be a load.. then decide if you have the time to handle that kind of load.
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    Yeah, it all depends. I work full time, and 1 class at a time feels about all I can do at the moment. I think if I *was* going to take 2 classes at the same time it would be the intro to Bio and the intro to Chem. This summer I was thinking about taking A&P I and perhaps an online statistics cource, but now I've come to my senses and I'm only going to take the A&P. We'll see.

    Oh, and someone said that chem before bio makes more sense. This is what I have heard time and time again. The whole first third of biology is going to be biochem, so if you do the chemistry first, you're getting a big lead.

    Does your school allow you to drop classes a few weeks in and get reimbursed? You could always just give it a try.
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