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Students needed for Short Survey

  1. 0 hello.
    i am a graduate nursing student who is doing my research project on nursing students and their decison to choose nursing as a career. i have a very short survey that can be filled out and takes less than 10-15 minutes. i would really appreciate your help and also spreading the link to other student nurses that you may know. thanks so much in advance.
    please click on the link below and fill out the anonymous survey.


    thread will be sticked for a month in student area. nrskarenrn
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    I completed your survey, hope it helps you with your studies
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    I also completed your survey
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    I also completed the survey for you.
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    I completed the survey for you - hope it helps
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    I have filled out the survey: Have an awesome night
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    I did the survey, hope it helps. Good luck!
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    I did the survey- hope an international student can still help
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    Me too.
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    Thread moved to Research Participation request forum, as that's the appropriate forum. Thanks.
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    I submitted your survey.
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    I completed your survey- I included alot of information, hopefully it is welcome! Just wanted to make sure I covered anything you would need, especially since its for your education requirements....goodluck!