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    It sure takes a long time for schools to get back to you regarding your acceptance. Are you one of those that wait impatiently out the window for the mailman to arrive? What do you do to take your mind off things while you wait?

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    I *wish* it was that quick! Finally got my acceptance letter...yay!!!!
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    When I look back in retrospect, the time from when I applied to when I received my acceptance letter was not all that long ( applied in late February, interviewed early March, accepted early April). However, patience for a piece of paper that would determine whether I was finally going to fulfill a dream or either go to law school or get my MSEd was nerve-wracking.

    I do not know hoe whose who are waiting 4 or more months for news can stand it. I would be full of nerves all the time.

    Good luck to all those who are still waiting.
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    Applied in January, tested in March, accepted in April. In the time between application and acceptance, I drove my family nuts. At least I had friends who were in the same boat as I was -- that way I had somebody to chew fingernails and commiserate with.

    I echo AccelBSN's sentiment: good luck to all who are still waiting!
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    Found out that I was accepted a few weeks ago! Yay! But that wait does seem like an eternity.
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    I found out a few weeks ago that I was accepted to nursing school, and I think the worst part of the waiting period was the week prior to finding out! I know I drive my family crazy!!!! I do work full time, and I am a Momma, so I was busy, STILL...
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    HAHA! Hilarious! I waited 2 months and I finally received my acceptance letter... it felt like years!!
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    I applied this month and was told we won't find out until AUGUST!
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    That really sorry! At least you know what month it will be in though.

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