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    It feels like I just got my acceptance letter, when the realty is I'm officially finished with my first year!
    had a goal to be the second person in the history of our program to maintain a 4.0 all the way until graduation - and I'm halfway there!

    I may not make it since I've added the goal of working full time to my last two semesters, but I'm proud of what I have done. I've learned a lot, made wonderful friends, and met some amazing nurses.

    I've also had a couple mental breakdowns, cried more than a few times, done a lot of things I was scared to do, and thought about dropping out once or twice.

    But in the end...I survived!

    Good luck to all the new acceptees! It's tough, but you'll be amazed at the results if you put everything you have into it
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    Congrats on making it to the end of your first year! It passes so quickly!
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    Congrats to you! I just finished semester 2 so I'm right there with you. Expect for the 4.0 That's fantastic! I work full time and go to school so it is doable! And don't worry, you aren't the only one who has cried and thought about quitting. I would say a lot of us here have done the same thing. I know I have! Good luck to you!
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    That's an impressive accomplishment, good for you - congratulations!
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    Great job, Steph! I start in the fall & hope to be as successful as you are!
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    Am there with you, except the 4.0 that is awesome! I went and helped with the graduating classes pinning ceremony last night and couldn't help but think that will be me next year! It was so exciting to think about!
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    Good for you!!! I just finished my first year, as well, but am still waiting on grades! Gah...
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    You should be very proud! Congratulations!!
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    Me too! I'm not quite halfway done since I'm in a 5 semester program, but this year has been amazing! Hoping for another quick year next year. congrats on the 4.0! I've gotten 2 b's so far but I've worked my tail off! I don't work but I have 8 kids so there's my full time job. Lol
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    Congratulations Steph! Those grades of yours are something to be proud of!

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