racism in nursing

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    I am so frustrated and ****** off with my nursing program. The racism has gotten out of control. Also the treatment that they give all students that they have notions about and have targeted makes me sick. I am doing very well in my program and a group of students and I want to go to the dean and even the president of the school..so they can investigate our program. But there is no reason why I should fear that the professors are going to tamper with my grade if they found out. I dont know what to do. This program is very militant and its getting out of hand. The way my nursing departmentf handles things is very unethical. Any advice? How can I avoid being one of the targets? I am a minority...but one of the lucky ones because "they like me". Thanks.

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    Can you give us some examples of the racism? I'm not sure in today's sue-happy society that an educational institution could get away with blatant racism.

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    Hi Daisywill

    I am a nursing student too based in Australia. This is what I think you should do if I was in your shoes.

    * Go with your heart and do what you think is right. If it is a huge effect then a change is needed, complaints need to be heard for an investigation to sort. I say this because too many people back down when there is a problem and probably teachers think the mentality of students wont do anything and allow sleeping dogs lie. Every student who feel affected by it needs to get involved for a change to be made. They cant and they should not tamper with your grades if so a huge court case is in sight.

    I know racist people are around but what the heck are they doing teaching Nursing. It truly doesnt show how professional they are.

    What comes around will go around, those teachers are looking for trouble it seems.

    All the best Daisywill, only you and the other students know what is the best idea to do.
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    There are bad apples in every bunch, even the teacher bunch. If there is racism, than fight it. Point blank. write down specifics, dates, times, and names of offenders and offendees. Then start your way up the chain of command. If it is the nursing department that is doing it, then go to the dean and up to the president of the college. But, make sure that you have everyone behind you that has been discriminated against. Try not to stand out there on the ledge by yourself because it will just be easier for them to push off one person then the whole bunch of you.

    And good luck to you!
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    What exactly is going on and how are they being racist? It has been my observation in my nursing school that racism also occurs and not so much between different ethnic races but in age differences. This has happened to me personally and it sucks. I am sorry that this is happening to you. I know it makes you feel just awful. Our NS also weeded out people throughout the whole program and some of the ones they weeded out would have been very competent nurses. I think that as a group you need to start with your chain of command b/c in our school, if we didn't do it that way they would not listen to us at all. Or you could leak the information to a TV channel-they always scoop up that stuff if information can be substantiated.

    Good Luck
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    Maybe i'm missing part of the story, but i'm not getting how race is the problem.

    Not saying it isn't, i just don't understand.
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    grinnurse - that would be "ageism" not "racism".

    In my nursing program most of the women were in their 30's and 40's.

    I saw NO favoritism at all. They treated us all like peons.

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    Quote from Marie_LPN
    Maybe i'm missing part of the story, but i'm not getting how race is the problem.

    Not saying it isn't, i just don't understand.
    I think we are all a bit confused and need more info.

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    You talk about a problem, and you throw the RACE card out there and yet you give no examples of how race is effecting your fellow students. A lot of nursing schools are "militant" type of programs. Nursing is tough work, it requires that you think independently and on your feet and most programs are forced not only with the responsibility of teaching us but also weeding out those that just won't cut it as good nurses. Now some of those folks might be minorities, that does not mean your program is being racist. it just means that professors know the differene between a wanna-be and a real nurse regardless of their race.

    Now I could be all wrong, although I doubt it, ( as an SNA board member these issues get brought to my attention at my school and most of them are unfounded as RACE issues.) Charging RACISM is a serious CRIME. If you are right then people should be brought up on criminal charges, and you should not be seeking advise here but from a good lawyer. If however the other students just are not cutting it and because of their inabilities they cry RACISM then shame on them.

    Please give more info about specifics. And if your specifics are that specific then please contact a lawyer...
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    I heard a minority student complain about racism in my program. She claimed that she was being unfairly graded on clinical paperwork because of her race, yet when I saw her paperwork it really wasn't up to standards.

    Not saying that your claims aren't legit since you didn't provide examples, but "racism" has nothing to do with expecting students to perform.

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