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please help anyone!

  1. 0 hey everyone,am so new in this page but i kinda need your help.

    I have been taking the precourses for nursing and i took AP1 twice before getting a C .
    unbelievable i know but yes thats the truth.

    Now i am taking microbiology and its not easy especially lecture i so far have an A in lab .But my thing is am starting to apply to schools in Georgia and most of them appear to mention if you have retaken any sciences twice then you should be eligible to apply..Am so worried i might have wasted my time on something i have always wanted to do.NURSING.
    Does anybody know or can help on some schools in Georgia i can try GPA is 3.25 s
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    Most schools allow you to retake a class once. If you took the class and did not pass and then took it again and passed then you are fine.
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    My school, in Georgia, averages your attempts together. :/. Sorry.
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    Thanks Don1984..ive been away for a while but am back with so much energy and ready
    I decided never to give up ,found a nursing sch that only takes the highest grades in all ur attempts and just did my TEAS test on Fri passed with 88 and now am just waiting for the acceptance letter hopefully.
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    Gosh..I would hate for them to do that to me.
    It would tear me down..but thanks for letting me know.
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    I retook my A&Ps and got a B average the 2nd time, I got accepted into Georgia Perimeters program.
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    Congratulations! What's the Georgia Perimeters program? Can you tell us more about it?
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    If nursing is what you ultimately want to do, do not give up. Keep us posted on your status. I had to retake A&P1 because family came first and I had a death in the family. Therefore, I simply stated my reasoning in my nursing application essay. I still got accepted. Oh, and I had a 3.1 GPA because of two history dual enrollment courses in high school that I got a C in (one of the biggest mistakes of my life). That goes to show you, you do not have to be perfect to get into some nursing programs!
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    Our nursing program does a cumulative GPA...from every course from every college/university you ever attended! -.- (I don't know, maybe others are like that?) I flunked out of college after 2 quarters in 1991-1992...decided to go back in 2011 and in reality I had a 4.0 GPA throughout the time I took my pre-reqs...on paper, however, I had a 2.86 GPA because they figured in my pathetic, measly little GPA from 20 years prior. I'm currently in my second semester of nursing classes, so it didn't end up hurting me. Good luck to you!!
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    I got my letter today and the only school i had put all my hopes in Denied me,they sent a letter of denial saying they cant act this time..Its funny coz i had so much confidence in my teas score that most people talk abt ,i even know people who had 68 and they got in my gpa stands at 3.10 .
    At this point am soo discouraged ,one thing i did wrong was to apply to just this school! i dont knw what to do?
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    @ havehope I really appreciate your encouraging words sincerely!!.What school are you in if you dont mind me asking.
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