Overworked nursing student - How do I look?

  1. With all that stress, no sleeping, and little eating you should look like a zombie about now. LOL. Do you think you need a costume for Halloween?

    Posting a few Halloween inspired cartoons this week for your enjoyment.

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  3. by   Hygiene Queen
    I lost over 20lbs, my hair fell out and the bags under my eyes were enough to make Gucci jealous.
    It's been a year and I'm now wishing I was back in the Nursing School Diet Plan...
  4. by   sharpeimom
    The "Nursing School Diet Plan" is actually very similar to what my dad referred to as "The Post-MI Get Down To Your Frat Boy Weight Again" diet. Very different foods but the same end result. Then there was the "Pack On The Pounds Post POW Camp Diet" which he was also on.

    I went to a Halloween party one student year as a charwoman and I was soooo pooped that all I did was put on an apron and smudge some art pencil on my cheeks and won second prize!
  5. by   mzmae
    Some lost weight but i gained!!! Terrible!
  6. by   futuresctRN
    How do you lose weight? Just wondering... lol. I've gained! I'm so busy that I never work out and grab fast food/vending machine crap all of the time. That's my "nursing school diet".
  7. by   bigsick_littlesick
    I gained as well :/ I eat when I'm stressed, boooooo... Back to my muay thai training after NCLEX in Jan!
  8. by   LM14
    I am loosing weight which is not a good thing b/c im barely 115 lbs and am not my optimal weight. On a good day, I may get two small meals from the school's cafeteria. Most days I get one meal and spend the rest of the day snacking on either fresh fruits that I swiped from the cafeteria, fruit and grain bars, oatmeal, ramen noodles, or the occasional tv dinner while studying in my room. When I am really stressed, I forget to eat :-O. Don't have the money to visit fast food restaurants, even for the dollar menu lol. I'm not a stress eater, but I LOVE to snack.
  9. by   LM14
    P.S. It is now 1:23 pm here and I have not eaten yet. smh
  10. by   Heather2013
    Lol... I have lost like 10 lbs since August. No time to eat and when at clinical's just way to busy to stop plus no money for fast food
  11. by   jaycee15
    I've gained weight. I was 119 for probably four years and since July I am up to 127. I can't stop eating
  12. by   gentlerain
    This is genius but might frightenly describe me in a few years.. D:
  13. by   MeekaNichole
    What a funy picture

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  14. by   fasnv