OMG!! It's almost time! How Should I Prepare!!??

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    I am entering my nursing program this fall- in a month actually... and I am, in a few words... TOTALLY FREAKING OUT!!! I don't know what I should be doing at this point! I have completed all of my pre-matriculation requirements, tuition is covered (Praise the Lord!), gone over my monthly bill budget a gazillon times (I'm a parent and working through school-- that's essential), purchased my uniforms and supplies, and I have all of my books (emphasis on ALL-- there's like nine of them). WHAT NOW!!!????

    I guess what I'm asking is, how should I be preparing myself for this? Should I start reading the first chapters of my books? Should I start prepping for NCLEX?? Should I... I DON'T KNOW!!??

    I think I'm a little excited. This is a major change for me. I have a school aged child and a preschooler and I'm going from working full time to studying full time and work study. I'm starting school. My son is going back to school. Money is going to be tight. I feel a little overwhelmed. I know I'm ready. I have my plan in place and I guess I'm just like "GET ON WITH IT ALREADY!!!"

    I'm feeling tense like a runner at the start of a race, waiting for the time to explode full speed ahead!

    I need some advice guys? What did you guys do in the weeks leading up to your program? I should probably relax, and I will.. really.. I promise!!

    But what else!?
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    My program give me a partial syllabus so I knew exactly what I needed to read. Without a syllabus, you can't begin reading. The chapters are not in the order you will learn or need to read them. So I suggest, relax and enjoy your kids because once you start, you wont have the time.
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    Relax and enjoy free time. I was the same way at the start of my first semester. You will have deadlines, etc in due time. Enjoy your freedom now. :-)
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    I agree enjoy your free time you will wish you had it soon! This is my last year and I wish I had the summer off but we have assignments since a week out of SPRING semester for the fall semester and that was before my summer semester wish I could relax but the is the way nursing school is
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    I saw this title and thought, "Hey, that's me!" But I'm relaxing a little and prepping a little. I've been reviewing A&P here and there. I also started reading the first chapter in contemporary nursing issues trends and management textbook. I love the curriculum layout at my school. From Aug. to Oct. I have 2 online nursing classes (scientific writing and Issues in nursing) and a stats class. From Oct. to Dec. I have path, pharm, and stats. I bet I start freaking out more in October! LOL! Patho in just 8 weeks! OMG how will I read all those pages!
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    Hey, congrats on starting nursing! I would say, read about physical assessment, vital signs and nursing process. These are important and will be coming up pretty soon if not right away... look for these in the middle of your book somewhere. Good Luck!
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    Congrats on starting the Nursing program! Sounds like you are all stocked and ready to start. The waiting is the hardest part when you are ready...I have no experience to share, as I am only applying to a Nursing program this Fall, but I suppose reading won't hurt, if you feel like it will be calming. I felt jitters ever since I firmly decided to go into Nursing, and got myself a Fundamentals book, at first from the university library, then ordered my own. I read some of it, and it did help just to be more mentally ready. I do hope you relax and enjoy the time. I'm glad you have all details worked out!
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    hey start reading your textbook....this way you ahead. they usually give out list with the chapters.
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    I'm starting this fall and know exactly how you feel! I've been reviewing my A&P powerpoints and practicing simple dosage calculations. I invested a huge amount of time in learning A&P and scored the highest in my class, yet I find that some of the information is starting to fade already. So, I figured putting in a few hours of study time per week now will help solidify that essential knowledge that A&P is supposed to provide. Hopefully it will make nursing school a little easier if I can lean on a solid anatomy and physiology foundation.

    Other than that I say don't go too overboard with studying. Like other posters have stated, let's enjoy this small amount of "free time" we have left!
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    Really do enjoy your time. Sleep, rest, have fun with your son. Read here and there. If you have gotten your syllabus, take care of the first few chapters. Don't try to memorize it, just read. Do anything in your house that may need to be done over the next couple of Make sure your dust bunnies will have a nice environment to spend their time in. Congrats on getting in and good luck
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