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Is anyone here in thier late 40's or 50's and back in school for the second time?? I ask because I was in school in my late 20's-early 30's and hubby decided he didn't want me working so I had to leave school. (4.o gpa and a... Read More

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    I am over 50 and just applied this week to nursing school. I hold a 4.0 and still have five children at home. I did not start a family until 26 and I still have a middle schooler and a 2 high schoolers. Honestly my going back to school was hard for us as the children were used to having me all the time. When I started school I was home a lot but had to study. I am really going to miss being with my children while in school. I wish I could put this off but I'm already older than everyone else at school. I am taking at least part of the summer off to spend more time with these great guys. My husband is going to have to home school the kids as I will no longer be able to handle that on top of nursing school.

    School at my age means that I am one of the most self disciplined students. I am prepared, know what I need to know and know what I have not grasped....yet. My assignments exceed what is required and there is no question that I have a firm foundation in my prerequsiites. I occasionally have a deeper understanding of anatomy beyond the teacher because I am a mother, daughter or friend of someone who has had a particular medical condition. Most of my classmates have assumed I am already a nurse rather than a stay at home mom for 28 years. My chemistry teacher keep asking what I was. I kept telling him I was a mom. He wanted to know what industry I had been working in and my occupation.

    Buy some older editions and study whatever interests you. Chase all the answers to questions you don't know. Educate yourself while you are home with your children. Sign up with www.paperbackswap.com , give away a few old books even in you have to buy them at a garage sale. Get yourself a medical dictionary and look up everything you don't know. Read these boards to find which authors and companies are good sources.
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    @carrollmacc: I actually was in school one semester at a time. I went for 3.5 years. I was 2,5 semesters from graduation when hubby said that was enough. I did want to finish but hubby knew I woudl want to keep my license and have to work a certain amount of hours a year to keep it so he said there was no point in finishing and to wait til later when kids are older. I have done it that way and it didn't make my hubby happy.
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    @sofla: I live in sofla now too! I used to live in new England. that is where I had gone to nursing school! I also have all my nursing books too. i have 3 shelves of books all from school. I still can not let them go. I look at them a lot. I still "know my stuff" so to speak. i just hate that i can't really use it. haha.
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    I'm 41, will graduate @ 42. There are some people in my class that are older than me too. As for being weird around the kids? I don't know, its not that bad. Most of the students in my class are very mature, responsible and take it all very seriously. I for one do not feel 41 by any means so maybe that has something to do with it? You are never too old to learn, and IF you feel old you will be! There's a song from the Rocky Horror Picture Show I'd like to offer to you, "Don't dream it, be it"!
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    After working as a CNA for several years, at 52, I realized that the medicinal part of healthcare was more interesting to me. Had not been to school since high school graduation. The same questions you had in mind also entered my mind, wondering how I would do in class with students that had just come out of school and of course a lot more up to date on technology than I would ever hope to be. Know that I would never pass the entrance test to LPN school, decided to take that chance when I received a letter from the local tech advertising the LPN class coming up in a few months. Decided to sign up and fill out all the paperwork to send in for $20.00. Well, for $20.00, let's see if I can really do it!! I was ready to do something different. I was so nervous!!! Took the test. Checked the mail everyday for the next couple of weeks. One day, there it was...the letter I had been waiting for!! I PASSED!!!! I was totally shocked!! Now, I felt like I had to do this, excited, but scared. This was my chance to do something that I thought I would never in my life see myself as... a NURSE!!! It was the perfect time. Both of our kids were grown and on their own. A nurse now for two years and I have never once regretted it. I am so happy to have taken that chance!!! By the way, I was the oldest student. You may feel a little intimidated at first around the younger students, but you'll soon find out that some of them are very eager to help you if needed. So many friends to be made that wonderful year.
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    I graduated last year at 45! Have been in my position as an RN on a telemetry floor for just less than a year. I am so glad I did it -- it's never too late. And I wasn't even the oldest student in my class. We all had the stressful exhiliration of nursing school in common and for the most part, age wasn't even a factor. But I will say this: I was a much better student in my 40s than I was in my 20s.
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    I have a sigh on my wall that I read every time I walk in the door that says “ It is never too late to be who you could have been”. I start a new life every morning when I get up. I have my goals written down now in my computer, and I review them at least once a week to make sure I stay on track. Sometimes when I think it is too tough and that I can’t possibly do it , I just quit, rest for a while and start again. Looking back on this last year of A&P, it does not seem so tough now, but there were times! Determination makes all the difference.
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    I'm 45 I will graduating in november . I was a LPN for 14 years and decided to go back once my daughter was a junior in high school...most people did not even realize how old I was until I said something one day and they looked at me in amaizment..lol..my gpa is a 3.4 and I cant wait to finish...good luck with your studies
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    I went back to school after my husband died, and graduated with high honors at 46. I think life experience makes you realize the value of education. The young students were wonderful to me. I was vice president of my nursing class! I have been a nurse for 24 years now, and I'm still going strong! Don't give up on your dream!!!
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    I will be entering my first semester of nursing school this fall at age 34. I stayed home with my son for his first two years before going to work part-time. When I decided to begin taking my pre-requisites for nursing school, I got pregnant with my daughter. I went to school part-time and worked part-time so I could enjoy family time but keep working towards my goal of becoming a nurse. I feel bad sometimes that I waited until my 30's to do this but like other people have said here on the board it can make you such a better student. I would never take my studying or school as serious as I do now if I had done this in my 20's. Never give up! You can do this!!! Best of luck with everything!

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