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    Working and studying can take up a lot of time.

    What have you done to ensure that you have "enough time" for your studies? Do you have any tips to share for new nursing students?

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    OMG, this is my life!!

    Tips? make sure you have your reading and/or flash cards with you at all times, and make use of every bit of downtime you have, even if it's just a couple of minutes. I have flash cards on my smartphone.
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    certainly, study as much as you can however, don't forget to save some time for your self, family and friends :d
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    Start answering NCLEX questions per subject you covered in class.
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    Sounds about right! I find a way to work it in in the shower, while waiting in line, anywhere I can
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    I used the recorder in my smart phone during lectures and I hook it to the radio in my car so i can listen at the lectures during driving,
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    I record myself reading the textbooks and practice NCLEX questions so I can listen to them while driving...
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    Just remember, guys, that your brain needs time to process what it takes in. Try to alternate reading/studying/flashcard-viewing with physical activities or things that don't require a lot of mental gymnastics. This may seem counter-intuitive, but you're more likely to retain what you've learned if you spend some time chewing and swallowing between bites.

    You'll probably be able to handle stress a little better, as well.

    This too shall pass.
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    I think I did nursing school wrong the first time around because I never felt pinched for time. Hopefully I can do better on the bridge

    Do 100 NCLEX questions a day if you can even on the first day. It helps with theory and later on.
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    I know it is hard, but try to get enough sleep, and don't try to cram for tests when you are tired. I know in school, I tried this a few times, but was exhausted during the test and didn't retain what I read/studied. Also, I would go for a walk just before tests that were after lunch. I found by not being too full and getting exercise, I felt and did better. The endorphins from vigorous exercise totally clear your mind, and help you recall things. Good luck to all!
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