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  1. moonriseRN

    What's your patient load?

    I work at a very busy Level 1 Trauma in NYC and also have a union but that doesn't stop me from having 4 super critical patients (resus pts), 10-16pts to 1 nurse in a urgent area (includes chest pain, seizures, etc.). I am praying for the day I have 6-7 pts. When are we going to get that safe staffing legislation approved here?! I am waiting! This is not safe.
  2. moonriseRN

    working as GN vs. waiting to your RN license

    Hi ilovensg - I am in NY. Everyone seems to want min. 1 year of experience :) I have since passed my boards and got accepted into my RN-BSN program of choice.
  3. moonriseRN

    ED RN Fellowship-Winthrop University Hospital

    Hi kadie 9525, I haven't heard anything either...
  4. moonriseRN

    NSLIJ ED Fellowship 2012

    Are you all BSN?
  5. moonriseRN

    North Shore LIJ Critical Care Fellowship

    Congrats fidogs!! I applied but haven't heard back yet. I only have an associates and am working on my bsn so they might not want me - sigh.
  6. moonriseRN

    Nursing student wishful thinking...

    It is definitely hard but eating healthy and getting enough exercise min 3x a week will really help with everything! Helps with releasing stress and preparing your mind for your studies.Really learn to understand the disease - do NOT memorize - you will not be able to answer questions on exams. Also learn the nursing interventions, expected interventions, and expected outcomes, adverse outcomes & implementations. Finally - you really need to know your assessments and s/sx. Good luck!
  7. moonriseRN

    Help with nursing diagnosis!!

    I agree completely. More investigation is needed. She probably does know how ill she is but also wants to die with dignity (maybe in her own home for example). Many people choose to live in their home to the end and there are definitely programs such as the hospice benefit that has been mentioned and that can be given to home visits (if i'm not mistaken) as well.
  8. moonriseRN

    Worst Day of School EVER..Please help

    Have to agree with brillohead - I've always despised group projects in school, seemed like only a percentage of students were dependable. Anyways definitely be happy you are not expelled and then ask the professor what you can do to make up for it, extra essay, etc. Also it would be wise that as a group you write what your responsibilities were. But the main thing is to stay calm and be very rationale. Plagerism is definitely no joke and in APA format even if you "rearrange the words" you still need to cite it.
  9. moonriseRN

    giving O2 per request?

    Oh yea, and you can always raise the HOB to a Fowler's position!
  10. moonriseRN

    giving O2 per request?

    COPD usually have an O2sat range from 85-90% but each patient will have differences. As a student, the best thing is to 1) observe your patient to see if there are any signs of cyanosis, respirations, etc. 2) check to see if there is an order 3) get your professor if it is something that needs to be taken care of. Oxygen is a medication and you can get oxygen toxicity - especially COPD patients. We all make mistakes so it was good that you questioned yourself and now you will know!! Hopefully this was mentioned to your professor so if it was not supposed to be there - it would be removed and the right actions were implemented.
  11. moonriseRN

    Accepted and Looking for Advise!

    I agree, you will be buying PLENTY of textbooks - so I wouldn't worry about that as much. I would start learning normal ranges for lab diagnostics. Also for the electrolytes - those signs and symptoms are so annoying to learn but so helpful!! RBC WBC Platelets Hgb Hct O2Sat (make sure you know hyper/hypo signs) Na K Ca Mg Congratulations and good luck!!
  12. moonriseRN

    Very Good materials for NCLEX-RN Prep.

    i find lacharity has really good alternative formats.
  13. moonriseRN

    Brookhaven or Mather (NY)

    I will thanks. I just have to post more stuff so I can have the PM usage.
  14. moonriseRN

    North Shore LIJ Critical Care Fellowship

    Thanks for the update. I was hoping this would not be the case
  15. moonriseRN

    working as GN vs. waiting to your RN license

    Good luck on your boards! I'm taking mine in a few weeks and data shows that you should take it within 3 months for the best results while everything is still fresh in your mind from school. I've also applied for a RN-BSN program (still waiting for reply) and have started the job search but stopped because no one in my state will even consider me unless I have my license. Apparently that is the trend here since there are not as many job openings.
  16. moonriseRN

    Brookhaven or Mather (NY)

    i keep reading about it but no reasons why...