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Hello! I am looking for ideas on what to include in a nursing school survival kit. My class is wanting to make some to welcome the new students of the next class. I need ideas that are fun and cheap as we may be using our own... Read More

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    It's so good you are wanting to do things to *help* the freshman class. When I was in nursing school the senior nursing class was soooo snobbish it was unreal. There were a lot of hurt feelings from us freshman students because the senior girls were so snotty. The teachers eventually had to call a meeting of the freshman and senior classes and tell the senior class this little act was going to have to stop. After that things got better but never really that good. Let's just say there was no love lost when they graduated at the 6 months mark. We went out of our way when we were the senior class to make the freshman class feel welcome, we didn't want them to have to suffer like we did.
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    When I'm a nursing student I hope someone gives me a license to ask lots of questions!
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    These are all such wonderful ideas! Thank you all! Keep them coming if you have anything else. Thank you for giving us so much to work with!
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    -Post-It notes (for when you start to lose your long-term memory and fill it with stuff r/t to nursing)
    -Chapstick (because hospital air is drying)
    -blank lecture tapes (nursing students can never have enough!!)
    -batteries for your tape recorder
    -those big binder clips (stuff I turn in is WAY too big for a paper clip!)
    -hole punchers (to put stuff in binders)
    -hand sanitizer (do I really need to give you guys a reason?!? :chuckle )
    -looseleaf paper (to take notes on)
    -blank discs to save stuff from the computer (you can never have enough!)
    -stethoscope name badge (people can be cleptos)

    Wow...I could probably go on and on, but you said you were paying for this yourselves!
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    Bumping this thread up for Traci
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    Quote from RainDreamer
    Bumping this thread up for Traci
    Thank you!!!!
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    Small bottles of H202 -- to get nasty stuff off your uniforms!!!(or trial sized stain removers)

    Love the "big brother/big sister" phone number idea!!
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    a stressball. b/c you will be stressed out beyond belief

    (play)money. b/c you will be broke in nursing school

    the book "chicken soup for the nurses soul" b/c we all need some easy reading

    maybe a list of study tips-1 from each of the current nursing students in your class printed up nicely

    sounds like fun
    love, rose
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    I didn't know they had a Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul! Ohhh I'm definitely going to have to get that, thanks Rose!
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    These are great ideas. I was trying to think of what I could get a couple of friends of mine that are going to be in the program with me for Christmas. I saw this thread and thought one of these kits would be great and unique. I have never heard of these before.


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