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Hello! I am looking for ideas on what to include in a nursing school survival kit. My class is wanting to make some to welcome the new students of the next class. I need ideas that are fun and... Read More

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    Small bottles of H202 -- to get nasty stuff off your uniforms!!!(or trial sized stain removers)

    Love the "big brother/big sister" phone number idea!!
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    a stressball. b/c you will be stressed out beyond belief

    (play)money. b/c you will be broke in nursing school

    the book "chicken soup for the nurses soul" b/c we all need some easy reading

    maybe a list of study tips-1 from each of the current nursing students in your class printed up nicely

    sounds like fun
    love, rose
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    I didn't know they had a Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul! Ohhh I'm definitely going to have to get that, thanks Rose!
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    These are great ideas. I was trying to think of what I could get a couple of friends of mine that are going to be in the program with me for Christmas. I saw this thread and thought one of these kits would be great and unique. I have never heard of these before.

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    How about a CD or cassette full of "pump you up" music for those long nights when that soft bed is beckoning as you have hours left of studying.....

    maybe some bright flash cards with funny mnemonics or nursing school jokes to lighten up some serious students.
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    I love this thread
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    I love it too!
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    A vertical desk organizer. I found one that has 7 spaces that I put my individual class binders and books into. It keeps my desk clean and makes it easy for me to grab my stuff when heading out the door to class. You can use bookends to do the same thing, but they always fall over and stuff.
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    Bump for all of us starting this fall!
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    Tylenol!!! The little packs!!!
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    a penny for good luck!