Nursing Program Length

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    How many long does the nursing program take?How many semesters?
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    Depends. ADNs usually 4 semesters after pre reqs, mine is a BSN, it's 5. Then there are accelerated programs, LPN programs...etc.
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    I'm in a part time program so it is 7 semesters.
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    I am in a BSN program and it is 8 semesters long. In the ADN program it is 4 (if you are able to get in out of high school) can be longer if you are on a waiting list.
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    My BScN program is 8 semesters.
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    My ADN program is 4 semesters after prerequisites.
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    Welcome to AN!

    As you can see it depends on the program!
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    The programs I am looking at are BSN, 2.5 years after all the pre-requisites are done, ASN, 2 years after the pre-requisites are done. It will take me more than 2 years to get my pre-requisites done for either program. (my school won't allow you to take two science classes at the same time, and between the 4 required science classes, and the pre-requisites to the classes I need, I am looking at 6 semesters.)
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    My ADN program is five semesters after pre-reqs.
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    My ADN program is 4 semesters after pre-reqs.