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I'm looking for some advice... I have almost made it to the end of my med-surg clinical rotation and the instructor is threatening to leave a bad review on my evaluation for things I don't feel I've done wrong... The second... Read More

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    I am too a recent lpn student.. I feel so lost right now in my 3rd day of clinicals, there is always those girls that ask questions all alllllll day looong. im not that way i try to figure it out my oen if i cant i make sure its a relevant question im asking the instructor at clinicals.. so for the most part i dont join the drama team and im fairly quiet but get my work done . I cant help but feel i get ignored by my instructor she never check son me at all and when i do ask a question she kinda just answers briefly and blows me off where if someone else asks a question she will talk with them for a good amount of time..and i just cant grasp why? she wanting me to fail..or is she spending all of her time with students she feel arnt starting to doubt myself and i dont wanna feel that way at i feel like im doing something wrong or maybe she just dont like me..why that would be i dont know... iv never done anything to her or anyone nor have i ever been out of line ..i guess i just feel ignored like i dont exist and kinda scared at grading cz really how can she grade me when she is never there to evaluate my work. iv worked so hard to get to where im at and i fell like if i dont act like im 2 and a drama queen and constantly ask annoying questions every 5 minutes like the other girls they think im not competent. im always getiing assigned to simple patients while the loud mouths are with more complex ones and i just dont get it..she spends her whole day with them and im just kinda left out to fend for myself. i just feel invincible i guess and kinda not wanted

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    I am currently with an instructor like this and in the past i had one like this also. the best thing you can remember is you did nothing wrong and that pretty soon she wont be your instructor anymore and you wont have to deal with her again.

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