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  1. grpman

    Shocked by new grads at job fair

    You seem quite arrogant for someone with only 5 years of experience. I doubt nursing has gone to h*** and lost all dignity and professionalism in the short span of 5 years. How you say something is often more important that what you say, which is a lesson you might want to learn before you do all the hiring and firing you are speaking of.
  2. grpman

    How to Survive a Deposition

    I'll tuck that info in my back pocket. Thanks.
  3. grpman

    Shocked by new grads at job fair

    "He had 10 years experience and was really saddened at how much professionalism and dignity has disappeared from the profession. I agreed." This article has a slight feeling of "I use to walk to school in the snow uphills both ways" vibe, but I'll still take your word that everyone there was either loud, poorly dressed, childish, or very obese. However, as a student I can assure you that there are many of us that are bright, well dressed, properly groomed, articulate, and more than ready to compete for what few jobs are available. I often read on Allnurses how posters tell us that it is now hard to land a job in nursing. With that being said, I wouldn't judge the nursing profession by new grads that are not likely to get hired. Judge it by looking in a miror and by those working at your side. I can't argue that the OP did or did not see what was at the job fair, but I can say that nursing is still enticing the intelligent, compassionate, and the hygienically sound. I do find it hard to believe that nursing has deteriorated so horribly in the last 5 years that you became a nurse. I disagree. For all the students, universities, instructors, and future patients...I disagree.
  4. grpman

    Clinical Professor From Hell!

    Trini, congrats on the high scores in the class in spite of what you endured. I imagine all of us come out tougher by enduring the hardships of life. If nothing else, you learned how to handle a rude, condescending, belittling professor that users her little bit of authority as a broad sword and you are better for it.
  5. grpman

    Oh boy, what was she thinking?!

    OP, I thought the post was humorous and thanks for posting. Two people hearing a phone call which ended in a hang up by those that answer many calls seems like enough evidence for me to believe the scenario was like you said. Now, you could be racist, ignorant, judgemental, or worse. Or you could have had a funny phone call that you wanted to share. I normally assume that a poster has at least average intelligence and discernment before I roast the living h""" out of them. Some here at allnurses do the opposite.
  6. grpman

    Drop out rate

    We started with 60 and roughly 20 are left after the first year. However, many of those will retake classes and eventually graduate.
  7. Not to be a killjoy here, but applying for nursing school with a warrant won't work. Get it taken care of first.
  8. grpman

    Diabetic Ketoacidosis??

    Dehydration is an important component of DKA which may lead to dry warm skin. At least that is how I understood it.
  9. grpman

    Accepted! Now what?

    Make friends with all of the overachievers and get their phone numbers. I've been bailed out of a few problems b/c of good friends. Oh yeah, study NCLEX books early.
  10. grpman

    Reciting nurse's pledge question

    As a religious person I am trying to place myself in your shoes. I too would find it ridiculous to recite a pledge to something I don't believe in and would leave the phrase out that bothered me. That is very simple, doesn't draw attention, and yet lets your conscience be clear. If I was trying to be political then I would do more. What are you trying to accomplish?
  11. grpman

    To all "medical coverage is a privilege" folks:

    My point was not to answer all of your questions, but to give you a "true" BS conserative answer so you could see the difference. The last sentence of my post read, " Now that was BS." Read it again.
  12. grpman

    Dont Know What to Do!!!!!!!!!

    I don't know why you failed, but I can offer insight as to why some have failed at my school. Maybe 20% fail due to not studying enough, 20% are not good test takers (tons of reasons why this could be), 60% don't know how to study or study more material than is necessary. You can get lost in the pathos. I try to remember what something looks like clinically, how to prevent it, and what to do about it once it occurs. It's great to know what is happening on the cellular level, but you are seldom given questions on tests that give you credit for all of the study time spent learning that. So many are left scratching their heads wondering how they can fail given the time they spent studying, but studying content that isn't tested may be to blame. My solution is to get an NCLEX review and use it to supplement your lecture notes. It will help you to remember what to focus on and will give you easy to remember principles. This should not replace reading the text book because it is what helps familiarize you with the lingo. Nothing is worse than knowing the answer to a question except for one small word that throws you off track. Start practicing NCLEX style questions and review the rationales which will help your test taking skills, time management, and teach you how to interpret the stem of the question. I have an app on my phone and I practice questions in line, while watching kids, etc. If you haven't done what I just wrote then you haven't given yourself the best chance at passing. Plus, the material is fresh in your mind so retake the class sooner than later. Good luck.
  13. grpman

    how do you feel about group projects?

    I rank them with BM's. I'm normally just glad when they're done with.
  14. If anyone is to blame it would be the instructor for being so naive. Does she think that students only study from the text book? Sheesh!
  15. grpman

    To all "medical coverage is a privilege" folks:

    That wasn't BS or from a political view and I attempted to phrase it tactfully knowing that I have a hard time myself living up to my own ethics. However, I do have an answer: solve the problem by reducing all government employee's pay to raise funds (but Congress hasn't taken a pay cut in over 77 years), layoff enough government workers to raise the funds (USA Today reported that federal employees are more likely to die of natural causes than suffer a layoff), or raise taxes (I hope they start with those who call giving more money and time to charity a BS answer). We could also shuffle money from government pensions, defense, welfare, and social security to make it happen. Or maybe we could say that the 15 trillion dollar debt and 1.3 trillion deficit yearly amounts to a drop in the bucket. Most of us can't quantify much past $100,000 so I can see how all the zero's can look similar, but trust me, it's a lot of money. Now...that was BS.
  16. grpman

    To all "medical coverage is a privilege" folks:

    I believe that food is a basic right and I give money and food accordingly which buttresses my beliefs. Likewise, those in favor of socialized health care should give of their resources and time to help those not insured. With all the support that this topic has, I'm sure that those in favor could raise a lot of money. However, it's often hard to give up gym memberships, new model cars, or a drop in our standard of living. I wish we weren't so hypocritcal, myself included, yet we are.

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