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    I love the nursing caps, and sadly we don't get to wear one for pinning But, I would like to buy one to put in a shadow box. I see there are different ones..ones with one black stripe, with 2 black stripes, no stripes...Does it matter which one I get? I am getting my RN, if that matters. Thanks!

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    Hi... I wish nurses still wore caps.

    I think the stripes mean something... and then ruffles also mean something.

    I'm sure someone who knows will drop in soon, but I just wanted to say I think caps are looooverrrrly.....
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    I maybe wrong, but as I understand it had a lot do with the school you went too. The color stripes would be exchanged for a black stripe at graduation.
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    Oh my, be still my heart ... a student who likes caps!!! I thought you were all extinct like all us senior nurses who are still fond of our caps!

    Suggestion - check within your program. Unless you're a relatively NEW program, your school should be able to guide you to the style that was part of your program. Get their take on their traditional cap. Each school had its own cap design. You might be able to check out old yearbooks to look at SON graduation ceremonies if you go back that far.

    There were a few generic caps you could pick up in uniform shops back in the old days. And there's Kay's Caps, on line, who's a major supplier of caps today. I think if you tell them your school, they might be able to research its style and offer it (or something similar).

    You wore your own cap style ONLY - you would NEVER EVER wear another school's cap style even if you did admire another one (and I really did like several other cap styles). That's one MAJOR rule of cap etiquette.

    Stripes are also specific to your school's cap. My ASN cap had a thin dark forest green stripe that rimmed its dome and it was different from my student cap. My student cap received a stripe between 1st and 2nd years. And I have a generic cap that I did varying things with the stripes when I wore it. That's another MAJOR rule of cap etiquette - you don't alter your school cap.

    Just to tell you, there are numerous posts here on AN that talk about caps and capping ceremonies. Fun and very interesting to read, very informative too as they have other Web addresses to check out. I may not wear my caps anymore, but I will never throw them out (and I do try them back on every now & then).
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    I still have mine....caps are specific to your school check with your program.
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    Quote from RLtinker
    I maybe wrong, but as I understand it had a lot do with the school you went too. The color stripes would be exchanged for a black stripe at graduation.
    Around here RNs wore black stripes and LPNs wore colored ones.

    But I went to a four-year BSN program, and our student caps had no stripes at all, and at graduation we got red ones!

    The diploma school hospital where I worked as an aide while I was in college had plain white caps for first years, one narrow brown stripe for second years, and two narrow brown stripes for third years, and a 1" black stripe for grads.

    I guess the answer is, "Whatever you want," as long as you get a generic cap and don't wear one that's recognizably unique to another school.
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    Thanks for the answers! I will check out Kays caps and see what they have!
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    I love nursing caps and wish we could bring them back. There is NOTHING to distinguish us for our education and hard work any more in any dignified, unique way. Now everyone wears the same stupid, unflattering pajamas and you can't tell nurses, MAs, aides or housekeeping apart.

    I'm not a fan of the huge, elaborate caps, but a low-profile, simple one would be great. Patients would love it. It would make us stand out. It would be a dignified, familiar way to distinguish us nurses from other staff. If infection control is a concern, then issue disposable ones. Don't be ashamed to like nursing caps. I'm only 39 and been a nurse for 6 years, and I never got one! I say let's bring em back!!!
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    To McLennan - I agree 110% with your first paragraph. But... caps were individualized as they were intended to proudly represent each individual school's graduates. Every cap is different and that contributes to the rich diversity of nursing. We all went to different schools and thus we should all have different caps, be they big or little, fluffy or rigid, plain or fancy, with or without stripes (black, green, red or whatever) etc. Even the military had its own caps.

    Wearing a generic cap as you describe would be just so disappointing to me. You make them sound like the visors that fast-food employees at McD or BK wear. Back in the days of traditional whites/caps, different caps were a source of interest among us staff and pts, esp a very unusual out-of-towner's cap. I want choice - give me my school's individual cap. A generic cap could be a choice for those who so wish.

    Problem with a return to caps is that an upgrading of work attire might be needed by some who might protest.

    And I think that infection control issue was the other way around - caps were meant to protect the NURSES from yucky pts and unsanitary environments. That's also why nurses used to wear the aprons. Caps did yellow and they could be difficult to clean, esp the fluffy, pleated ones. But somehow, those nurses knew how to do it (I read some history where some schools actually had professional laundries do their caps!)

    Viva la cap!
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