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    Quote from Miiki SN
    Maybe you could take it over the summer if you don't already have classes?
    Thanks, that's a possibility. I wonder how long the course is? But bc I have all morning classes; I'll have to find a night/evening job available before I get that certification.
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    I was blessed to get an administrative position in a hospital in the infection prevention department.

    I get to see first hand how best practices really play out in the hospital setting.

    My bosses are RNs and they are a blast. I think it's also a good experience.
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    Quote from ContraryRock
    I wouldn't recommend working as a CMA while you're in school. There is very little flexibility in scheduling- it is usually a 9-5, 40 hr job. I worked as a evening/night unit secretary in the NICU- tons of study time as it's usually pretty quiet there- and now as unlicensed support assistant in a surg unit. Once you finish fundamentals (in my state, at least) you can apply for a CNA license through the board. Once you have that, you have a lot of options- student nurse, PCT, sitter, nursing support, etc.
    What kind of qualifications does one need to be a unit secretary?
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    Quote from ElizabethH736
    What kind of qualifications does one need to be a unit secretary?
    At my hospital... No formal education, but they usually have experience in the medical field in some way.
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    Quote from ElizabethH736
    What kind of qualifications does one need to be a unit secretary?
    At my place of employment, management will 'promote' a CNA into the unit secretary role and train them to perform the duties on the job. Also, the company hires medical assistants into the unit secretary role.
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    Quote from ThePrincessBride
    I worked as a sitter for over a year, and no, you weren't allowed to do anything (read, do homework) unless it was a night shift (at one point, you couldn't even do that). I currently work as a PCA (Patient Care Associate). I don't have a license. My clinicals in nursing school are "substitutes."

    I strongly suggest all students to work as CNAs, earn their stripes, and get down the basics of nursing care. I also find that working as a CNA is a humbling experience that many nurses could use (unfortunately, some nurses forget that CNAs are aides, not slaves). If you aren't willing to work as a CNA (assuming your situation allows it), then I have to wonder...why are you going into nursing to begin with?
    Yessss!! I'm a nursing student that starts in the fall and I decided to do CNA this summer for the benefits of knowledge & experience AND I'M EXCITED ABOUT IT!!
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    I just completed my first term as a BSN student.

    I'm working over the summer as a research assistant to fill in the learning gap during the 3 month break. We are working on creating a database for a certain infectious disease.

    My job is to peruse through archived medical records of patients with said disease and record pertinent information in the database.

    While I'm not exactly working directly with patients (it's essentially an office job), I'm getting tons of experience with reading and understanding medical records. Plus, I'm gaining more knowledge about medications, radiology, labs, microbacteriology, and especially care plans of both the nurse and physician. It's also really great practice for recognizing and using medical abbreviations and terminology.
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    Another vote for unit clerk/secretary... Love it!

    I was a CNA in home health before clinicals but my clerical position is more school-friendly

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    Monitor tech needs training and license correct? Might not work for a pre-nursing student. Thanks
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    You will need to have good manager or management so everyone RNs , CNAs, tech work as a team and everyone pitches in. When things don't work out well as it can, there should be open meetings to discuss opening and fairly so NOONE get taken advantage off. It is management issue and responsibilities if nurses are treating CNAs & Techs like slaves b/c everyone has clear roles and responsibilities. For sure, it is challenging to deal with staff, doctors, and patients and ensure everything is smooth. Every place has their challenges and politics but good management is needed to minimize problems and move forward. It is not easy to find good managers btw.
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    Quote from GOODMED
    Monitor tech needs training and license correct? Might not work for a pre-nursing student. Thanks
    Contingent on the state and how the hospital defines the position.
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    Baby cuddler! Some larger hospitals will hire/ allow people to volunteer and cuddle the babies in the NICU
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    Another non CNA cert required option is caregiver/care manager at an assisted living facility. You still do some ADLs with the residents but for the large part they are independent. I have several pockets of down time at my assisted living job.

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