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Just.Blessed.RN has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Med/Surg, Tele, Psych.

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  1. Just.Blessed.RN

    RN-BC credential

    Following... definitely thinking about getting my certification and well!
  2. Just.Blessed.RN

    Med surg to NICU

    Glad someone made this post. I've been thinking of a total change of from Med Surg to NICU. Bumping for my input and advice from others!!
  3. Just.Blessed.RN

    Possible future educator--need advice!

    Bumping for more advice! I love to teach/educate my patients and other nurses...but I'm hesitant to get a MSN in education because I don't want to lose opportunities.
  4. Just.Blessed.RN

    New Grad Psych vs. Med Surg

    After graduation I actually did both Psych and MedSurg as a new nurse. MedSurg full time, Psych PRN. I needed the hours/$$$ to get married and put a down payment on a home with my husband, and I realized that a lot of my MedSurg patients had psych is...
  5. Just.Blessed.RN

    Do you prefer five eight hour shifts or three 12 hour shifts a week?

    I've only recently started working 8 hour shifts. There are pros and cons, I like seeing the sun and being able to spend more time with hubby since he's a teacher and has a set 7-3 schedule. But I sometimes your psych patients make you regret having ...
  6. Just.Blessed.RN

    Psychiatric Nursing Certification

    For the people that have already passed the exam, would you mind saying if your license reflects the certification?? Looking to take it in the next 4-6 months!!
  7. Just.Blessed.RN

    Homecare business setup

    I hope you get some advice! Looking to start a similar business as well!! Good luck!!
  8. Just.Blessed.RN

    Nurse-Run Child Care

    This does sound like an idea worth investigating!! Did you ever start the child care center??
  9. Just.Blessed.RN

    How to Find My Passion - Which Specialty is Right for Me?

    Great article and great posts! I am currently searching for my passion in nursing and how to capitalize on it. I am currently working MedSurg, Psych and LTAC/Rehab (all are PRN). I don't know where I'll be in a few years, so I'm am testing my options...
  10. Just.Blessed.RN

    Can I be a DON with no nursing home experience?

    Just accepted my first job in LTC to see if I like it. Also working at the bedside in a hospital, but trying to see where I see myself in the future! Thanks for all the good advice everyone!
  11. Just.Blessed.RN

    DON position...great opportunity, or career suicide?

    Wow, what an eye opener! I just accepted my first position (PRN) in a LTC/rehab facility and I wondered how much education the DON job needed. I have 2 years of bedside MedSurg experience that I am still building upon. I have always been afraid of ma...
  12. Just.Blessed.RN

    Negotiating salary for DON-LTC

    Glad everything is still going great for you. Thanks for coming back and updating us all!!
  13. Just.Blessed.RN

    2 PRN jobs?

    Adding life to this thread. I've been thinking about a full time job and having 2 PRN jobs. Basically I've been in nursing for 2 years and I haven't found an area that I love, but I do love being a nurse, hence all the jobs. I guess I could use the m...
  14. Just.Blessed.RN

    Antepartum Nurses..

    Going to interview for an ante-partum position tomorrow! Hopefully my 2 years of Med Surg experience will help, I've always been interested in OBGYN!
  15. Just.Blessed.RN

    Working overtime at job vs 2nd PRN job elsewhere

    Glad you came back to update your post! I'll take your advice and find a reputable company to pick up PRN hours!