New energy drink for students!

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    School is ending for some ... but for many studying is still part of their day.

    Any tips you can share for memory? What food is good for the brain / memory?

    How about those energy drinks? Do they work?

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    I have never done the energy drink!
    I was always sure it would give me a heart attack!
    So, I stuck with black coffee...
    And have ulcers instead!
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    If, for example, you want to post as a student on any of the student threads, go to "Students". Then pick the appropriate section you want to start a new thread on, like "General Student". At the top right you will see "Start a topic now".
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    Energy drinks are NOT my friend. The last time I drank one, I was still wide awake at two A.M., hand-washing several of my husband woke up because I wasn't in bed, came to investigate, and I told him "WellIwasawakeandIgotboredandIdecidedtosavesomemon eyontheutilitybillbywashingtheseinthesinkinsteadof themachine." Or something kinda like that.
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    Honestly food is the best help. Oatmeal, yogurt, sweet potatoes, salmon, eggs and berries are all exmaples of "power foods." Usually on the morning of a test I eat a bowl of oatmeal with honey, 2-3 eggs, and a glass of warm water (its best to drink hot drinks in the morning to help jump start your system).
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    haha I had one of those ONCE. Never again, I was up till four, extremely hyper and jittery...I will say productive though haha
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    I go for ginseng extract when I need a boost. During finals, I had too much mountain dew and it really messed me up
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    Energy drinks are only my friends if I'm drinking alcohol and wants to stay up for 5 hours straight. But who knows, once I start school I might have to rely on them.
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    Monster energy drinks are pretty tasty. I wouldn't take them it's bad for the kidneys.Water is a good energy source or fruits!!!!!
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    I don't do energy, yes, energy drinks, no way. I have been taking stuff from "Isagenix", cellular cleansing, nutritional replenishing stuff and they have this one supplement called Ionix Supreme and I love it!!! Since I've started using this stuff I have had more energy, can focus better, retain information better, and just feel better all around. All the stuff is all natural, loaded with antioxidents, adaptogens, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals ect...good stuff

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