Is my nursing school too selective?

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    I just started my second semester of nursing school at a community college. Usually every year 48 students get excepted into this program, however, of that 48 only 15 graduate. This school seems to pride itself in the amount of students they "kick out" each semester. Is this how all nursing schools are? should I consider a different school or stick with it? HELP!
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    That's nursing school for ya! Not all are failing though. Some realize it's not for them, and some may run out of funds.
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    Quote from aquamoon713
    This school seems to pride itself in the amount of students they "kick out" each semester.
    That's highly unlikely for a million reasons.
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    Oh....they want your money! It's not their agenda to weed you out on purpose. Nursing schools have high standards and challenge the heck out of you. They are preparing you for NCLEX and want to look good when they get back their reports.
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    Is the school accredited? That failure rate is way way to high. Accredited programs need a completion rate of 70% as far as I know. What are the NCLEX pass rates?
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    They don't "kick out" students. School have standards that student have to meet.If you don't meet them you are out.Would you want to go to a school with no standards? I highly doubt that they only pass 15 out of 48 students. where did you get your numbers from?
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    They are an accredited school. The NCLEX pass rates have been at 100% for at least the last five or six years. Everyone says they produce the BEST nurses, and I'm working really hard. I just want reassurance that I didn't make an impossible decision b choosing this school.
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    Methinks the admissions process would be tightened up if an average of 15/48 made it through the coursework.
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    No, not all nursing schools are that way. My program started with 24, and we're in our final semester with 23. The one person no longer in the program just wasn't a good match for nursing, and has found her way elsewhere.
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    We started with 64, lost 3, but added 2. Two students self-selected to drop out of the program. 1 failed out. The 2 students who were added are doing quite well this semester. Hopefully, all 63 of us will graduate together and we don't lose any more!

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