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most hated subject???

    out of interest was just wondering what subject, topic or sector of nursing school you hate the most.
    MINE, Is microbiology! I love biochemistry but for some reason micro and I don't mix
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    Great topic! Hmmm... Well, I definitely wasn't a fan of pharmacology. But it wasn't HORRIBLE. I guess that or Chemistry would be my choice.
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    Peds. Worst clinical, and I just didn't care for the theory. Not a kid person, sorry.
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    Same here, Micro=
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    Peds, OB and Public Health.
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    Hmm, probably anything involving nursing theory. I know it's important material, but it's incredibly DRY.
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    My worst was psych. Dreaded the clinicals. Once the semester was over the instructor told me I was the best student she had ever had and encouraged me to go in to psych nursing. Really? I thought I barely contained myself. So hold on, it might seem different later on.

    As for micro - I thought looking at and naming bugs was fun!
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    Economics. Met M-W-F at 0800 the one semester before I started clinicals. I worked as a nursing assistant on a geri floor 3:30-MN on Thurs, Sat, and Sun every week, so I missed a lot of Friday classes and some Mondays , and I didn't get the equations and stuff too well anyway... I only took it because we had to take a history, gov, or ec class for distribution requirements, and ec was the only one that didn't require a paper.

    But my instructor took pity on me and told me that if I didn't want a failing grade I could.... write a paper. ::sigh:: He gave me a C-, which was all I wanted out of life at that point.
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    I loved micro and biochem but I hated organic chemistry......grrrrrrrrrrrr
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    like memorizing a road map instead of just driving.
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    Chemistry and neurology. The WORST!!!
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    Chemistry. Hated it in high school. Hated it in college.
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    I hated pharmacology! It was so incredibly hard to pass!!! I poured a majority of my energy into studying for that class that in the end I failed! My first education failure so it really upset me but when I retook the class I got an A, but I still hate it only because i feel it should have been a 2 semester class.